Your friends or colleagues asked you for the WiFi password of your home or office but (since you all have automatic access to your devices) you can not remember it?

Have you connected to the network of a local WiFi but do not remember the password to access the public hotspot?

If you’re having trouble remembering your lost WiFi password, you can ask for help from already connected devices that store the password in the system. In this guide I will show you all the procedures to recover a lost WiFi password quickly, so you can connect new devices to the networks you already know.

We will see in this guide how to recover the password of a WiFi network through the different devices you have available, such as a Windows PC, a Mac or a modem/router from which you connect.

Lost WiFi password: how to recover it

From a PC with Windows

If you have a PC with Windows operating system connected to the WiFi network that you can not remember your password, you can follow this simple procedure to recover your lost WiFi password.

Use your keyboard to simultaneously press the WIN + R keys.

A small window will open, where you can type the ncpa.cpl command followed by the Enter key on the keyboard.

ncpa command

You will see a window appearing with all the network interfaces on your PC. To recover the lost WiFi password, simply use the right mouse button on the Wireless Network Connection icon then select the Status item.

How to recover lost WiFi Password 2

In the new window click on Wireless Properties and go to the Security tab, where you can see the clear password of the network you are currently connected to after clicking on the Show characters button. An explanatory image can be found below.

How to recover lost WiFi Password 1

If you want to discover the passwords of other WiFi networks saved on your PC with Windows, you can also use the WirelessKeyView program, available for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |  WirelessKeyView


From a Mac computer

To find the lost WiFi password if you have a Mac you can use the following procedure:

  • Press Command (the equivalent of the WIN key) + Space to open the search window
  • Type Keychain Access and press Enter to start the application that keeps your passwords on your Mac
  • In the Password category find the name of the WiFi network, select it and use the Info button at the bottom of the window (it’s an “i” in a button)
  • Use Show password box in the window that appears. If you have a Mac administrator account, just type in the username and password of your account to view the lost WiFi password.

From the home modem/router

If you can not find the lost WiFi password with the methods described above or you want to find the password from a mobile device (Android or iPhone) you can access your router when you are connected to its WiFi network, so you can retrieve the lost WiFi password from the device that actually manages it!

Make sure you are connected to the WiFi network from which you need to recover your password, open any web browser on the device you want to use to display the lost WiFi password (it’s OK Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox) and type in the address bar:


followed by the Enter key. If everything went correctly you will have the login screen for your modem/router, just type in the username and password to access the main screen. Within the latter, you must find the Wireless, WiFi Security, WiFi or Wireless Interface (the name changes according to the router model) and retrieve the lost WiFi password in the Network key, Security, Passphrase or similar names field.



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