How To Make A Slideshow With Music?

Everyone Loves Slideshows

Slideshows are by far one of the easiest ways of displaying information. They are easy to make, easy to understand, and a great way to pack in a lot of information. But there is one major difference between them and videos. A video can easily hold your attention for a longer period of time. Not only are things moving on your screen, but there are also sounds and music in the background. But, did you know that you could easily add music to your slideshows to take them to the next level? Yes, no matter what software or slideshow program you use, you can easily add music to it.

Music Makes It Better.

A slideshow is nothing but a slide of information scrolling past your screen. There is zero fun in watching a slideshow. This is where music comes in. Add music to your slideshows to give it that extra oomph factor that will make it stand out. Surveys have analyzed that people respond more positively to slideshows with background music than to slideshows with no music at all.

You may have noticed this for yourself while on social media. If you come across a slideshow with no background music, how likely are you to watch it to the end? But now just add a bit of music to that same slideshow and see how your approach towards the slideshow will change. 

Music adds depth to a slideshow without which it can feel bland. Not only that, but you can get the perfect music that fits your slideshow that will add some emotion to it. For example, if you’re making an emotional slideshow, you can use some emotional tunes that will make people connect to the content more.

How To Make A Slideshow With Music

To begin making a slideshow with music, you will first need to open your slideshow making app or software. If you do not have one, then you can easily find one by searching for the best free slideshow maker on Google. There are a number of free apps and software that can help you make a great slideshow.  Always remember to use a slideshow app or software that lets you add music or audio to your slideshows. It is mentioned in the feature section of the app or software. You can also use MS PowerPoint for this.

Begin by opening a new blank document or blank template.  Some slideshow apps can let you choose templates based on which social media platform you will be uploading it to. While you can upload a slideshow to any social media platform, this little feature is a good addition.

Start With The Content.

Once you have a blank document open, you will need to add content to it. You can add anything you like- from images to videos. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the images should have a flow. You can find a number of free stock images online that you can use. You can also use images owned by you if you want to.

Try to use images that accurately represent your message. You need to strike a chord with the viewer. The images should visually stimulate what it is you’re trying to say. Once you have all your images sorted out all you need to do is add each image to a new slide. Once all your images are placed on each individual slide, you will be ready to move to the next step.

Adding Text

This is an optional step that depends on whether or not you actually need the text in your slideshow. Sometimes you do need some text to give some context of what is on the screen, and sometimes you do not. If you do need to add text, then you can do it now. Every slideshow creating an app or software gives you the choice of adding text. This comes in handy when you’re making an invitation or personal greeting for someone. You can Google free online invitation maker for similar software or apps.

 You can also change the font and size of the text as well as the colour. You can also position the text wherever you want on the slide. When you add text to your video, it gives the audience or viewers another level of engagement. Just remember to keep your text to a minimum so that it does not cover or block the images on your slideshow.

Setting The Duration

You can easily set the duration of each slide. Every slideshow creating an app or software allows you to set the duration of either each individual slide or all the slides together. Keep in mind that if you are adding text to the slide, you will need to increase the duration. This way, it will give the viewer enough time to read what is written on the screen.

Set The Slide Transition

Once you have added the images, text and set the duration of each slide, now you need to think about the slide transition. A slide transition is a way in which the current slide disappears, and the next one appears. Slide transitions let you have fun with your slideshow. You can experiment with different slide transitions but try to keep it in line with the overall message of the slideshow.

Time To Add Music

Once you have added your content, text, and slide transitions all you need to do is add music. Every slideshow app or software will have the option to add audio to the slide show. When adding music, make sure to keep it in line with the overall tone of the slideshow. If your slideshow is informative, then add some music that is not distracting. If your slideshow is emotional, then add some soothing emotional melodies. There are wide ranges of free music you can find online with a simple Google search.

You can either add one audio track to the entire slideshow or add multiple audio tracks to the different segments of the slideshow. This all depends on how you want to present the slideshow. Remember that the music is here to enhance the experience, so pick the audio track carefully. You do not want to have an audio track that has nothing to do with the overall sideshow.

Save And Share

Once you have completed the entire slideshow with the images, text, transitions, and music, you can finally save it and share it. Most slideshow apps and software give you the option to upload your slideshow to your desired social media platform after completion.

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