Migrate and transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy : Complete Guide

Especially with the latest devices, Samsung has given Apple users many reasons to leave their iPhone and move to its Galaxy smartphones. iPhone has been preferred by millions of users, but when it comes to freedom, ease of access, free up the potential of the operating system and use the device the way you want, iPhone leaves something to be desired and does not give you the possibility to customize the fantastic system iOS operating. Although the Galaxy devices are very different from the iPhone, the reason why you can decide to transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy is only for the versatility of the Android operating system and its ability to customize. It could be interesting to know an app for transfer contacts from iphone to Samsung and also other data, read on to find out.

In a Galaxy community, many people have documented their transition from iPhone to Galaxy and the most insistent question we encountered was how to transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy, or more generally, how to switch from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy and move audio, photos, videos, contacts, call history from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy.

Following these questions, we came across Samsung Smart Switch, a Samsung application that allows users to perform a complete migration from their iPhone to the new Galaxy smartphone.

Smart Switch iPhone is quite easy to use and Samsung has a well done tutorial on its site, but not all users are still aware of this application, and therefore we deemed it necessary to implement a detailed and complete guide. Now let’s go to the guide to transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy and begin with the migration of data from your iPhone to Android.

How to transfer all data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy using the phone

This is the first solution to transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy using the phone.

  1. First of all disable iMessage from Settings on your iPhone. You can also do this by disabling iMessage from the Apple site.
  2. Now, you need to back up all the data in your iCloud account using your iPhone. Back up your contacts, calendar, photos, Wi-Fi settings, call history, browser favorites and application list.
  3. Once backed up, remove your Apple ID from iPhone and iCloud. [Skip if already done]
  4. Also remove the SIM from your iPhone [Make sure your iMessage is disabled]. [Skip if you’ve already done it]
  5. Now insert the SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. [Skip if you’ve already done it]
  6. Once you’ve turned on and configured your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, open the Google Play Store.
  7. Now on the Google Play Store, look for Samsung Smart Switch and install it.
  8. LINK | Samsung Smart Switch Mobile
  9. Once installed, log in to the application.
  10. Now in Samsung Smart Switch, tap “Import from iCloud“.
  11. If you have backed up content from multiple devices to your iCloud account, you need to select the source device, the one from which you want to transfer the content.
  12. Now choose the content you want to transfer and tap “Let’s start the transfer“.
  13. You will start the transfer and you will have all your important data on the new Galaxy smartphone.
  14. You can transfer music and video files using the method described below.
  15. That’s all, let’s now describe another method.

How to migrate and transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy using PC / MAC

Let’s see the second solution on how to transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy using the PC or Mac.

  1. Disable iMessage through the Apple website.
  2. Make sure you have iTunes installed on your PC/MAC, connect your iPhone to your PC/MAC now.
  3. Now back up your iPhone content via iTunes.
  4. Download and install Samsung Smart Switch on your PC/MAC.
  5. LINK | Download for PC and Mac.
  6. Now launch Samsung Smart Switch on your computer .
  7. Connect the Galaxy device to the PC/MAC.
  8. Select the device from which you want to transfer data, at this time it should be iPhone. Samsung Smart Switch automatically detects the backup in this step.
  9. Now select the content you want to transfer. You can import contacts, calendar, notes, applications, call lists, alarms, bookmarks, WI FI settings, messages, photos, videos and documents.
  10. Click on “Transfer” and the transfer will start.
  11. To transfer applications, you need to install Smart Switch on your phone and find the missing apps from the Google Play Store.

That’s all. We hope this guide has proven to be useful for transferring all data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy. In case you find difficulties, ask for help in the comments below.