With new technologies, accessing your favorite music library has become fast and easy thanks to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and music players. Software that lets you organize music like iTunes allows you to synchronize your music library between different devices. iTunes, in particular, makes it really easy to switch and sync music files between Apple devices. But you can also transfer iTunes music library to Android devices, and in this guide we show you how to sync iTunes music library with Android.

Synchronize iTunes and Android music library

Manual passage of files

The first method to switch the music library on an Android device is to transfer iTunes music files to a folder on your Mac/PC desktop. Subsequently, by connecting your smartphone or tablet to your computer via the USB cable, you can copy and paste in the device’s memory the songs in the folder you prefer (in the Music folder for example).

Synchronize music library with doubleTwist

There are several third-party programs that allow you to directly transfer the music library from iTunes to Android. Among these, one of the best is certainly doubleTwist, app available for free for both Mac and PC. This application allows you to transfer playlists, music and videos from iTunes to your Android smartphone.

However, not all Android users can use this software, as doubleTwist is only compatible with Android devices that support USB Mass Storage.

When using doubleTwist, all the transferred music will be stored in the Music folder inside the SD card or in the internal memory of the smartphone or tablet. But let’s see how to transfer the music library from iTunes to Android.

  • Download the doubleTwist application via this link
  • Install the application, connect the device to the PC/Mac via the USB cable and start doubleTwist. Be sure to select USB Mass Storage mode on your Android device
  • The connected device will appear in the left sidebar under Devices. At this point click on it to see the page with the device information

Transfer the entire music library to the Android device

  • On the General tab in doubleTwist, put a checkmark in the Music
  • Then select the Sync entry in the lower right corner to start the transfer

Transfer playlists on the Android device

  • In the left sidebar of doubleTwist, select the Playlist Setup item under the Playlist menu
  • Select Import (to import iTunes playlists into doubleTwist) or Create New Playlist
  • On the information page of the device (which will appear after selecting the name of the smartphone/tablet), go to the Music tab
  • Put a check mark under Sync music to my device and select Only the selected
  • At this point select the playlists you want to transfer to your device and select the Sync button in the lower right corner

Select the songs to be transferred manually

  • Under the Library item, select Music
  • Select the songs from the list. You can select one or more songs or all the songs of an album
  • At this point drag the selected songs to the name of the Android device located under the heading Devices.

Done! Wasn’t it so simple?

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