Install Windows 95 like any program on Windows, Linux and Mac

Now anyone on their Windows, Mac or Linux computer can install the historic Windows 95 operating system like any normal program.

All thanks to the software engineer Felix Rieseberg who created the Windows95 program which, once started, runs a perfect copy of the Microsoft homonymous OS.

As mentioned above, the beauty is that Windows95 is installed and run as any application, or once downloaded you should not do anything else but launch it and use it in its dedicated window.

Windows 95 was built as an Electron app, weighs about 128 MB in size, and for Windows it is available in a 64-bit version; this is an open source project so the source code is accessible to anyone.

Once started, to run Windows 95 you need to click the “Start Windows 95” button that will appear on the first screen, after which the Desktop of that operating system will be loaded and made available (as in the example below in the figure):

It works pretty much everything that Windows 95 provides by default (including the Start menu that started with Windows 95) including predefined programs such as, to name just a few, WordPad, Notepad, Windows Media Player, Calculator, NetMeeting, games FreeCell, Solitaire, Minseweeper, Heart, Solitaire, Internet Explorer 3.0 even if at the moment it does not allow to open any website.

It is also possible to change the Desktop wallpaper by right clicking on a blank area of the latter and in the context menu by clicking on “Properties” and in the “Display Properties” window that will be displayed finally selecting and applying the wallpaper that more is preferred.

From the same window you can also change the screensaver intervening homonym card, as well as the screen resolution (the “tab Appearance”) that I personally have set to 800×600 so that I could see it in its entirety the Windows 95 interface.

With Control panel you can customize different settings such as those concerning: keyboard, mouse, date and time, screen, characters, accessibility etc; Regional Settings are also included with which you can change the language of the operating system, but do not do it because Windows 95 will hang and to be able to reuse it, after rebooting it will be necessary to reset it by clicking the “Reset machine & Delete state” button that appears at the bottom of the first boot screen

It is useful to know that you have to press the ESC key if you want to move the mouse outside the Windows95 program window to use it on the real operating system, and press it again when you want to use the mouse in Windows 95 to fix it in the dedicated window

Another interesting feature is that with Windows95 you can use the old DOS games (but also programs) by running the image .img floppy The same developer Felix Rieseberg (who has already played Doom on Windows95 ), we recommend switching to a resolution of 640×480 to 256 colors before starting DOS games, just like in the old days.

As for the consumption of resources we are around 300 MB of memory, not a little but all in all it is feasible on most computers, even on those less powerful as long as you can not run other programs at the same time.

Definitely a good opportunity to relive the past times for those who then have been able to really use Windows 95, but also for the new levers that with this program will get an idea of the ancestor of the current Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

Compatible with : Windows, Linux, Mac | Size : 128 MB | Download Windows95