On the web, advertising is often the main means of support for bloggers, webmasters and developers, both on websites and in applications used on smartphones, PCs and tablets. But at the same time, unfortunately, it can also be the main source of annoyance for users. There are advertisements and banners that do not bother while surfing the internet on browsers such as Google Chrome or while using applications, but there is also the invasive advertising that can give a lot. Here the need to eliminate advertising becomes urgent, and fortunately on Android it can be done.

For example, think of popups that open themselves during browsing, redirecting to messages of fake viruses, subscriptions activated against our consent or adult sites. In these cases the only way to continue using the network smoothly is to eliminate advertising. Thanks to Android, its applications and its features, you can remove advertising for free even without root from your phone or tablet. You can do it if you are constantly getting ads on the browser screen and in applications, and you can block ads in so many different ways.

The most used methods to remove ad from the phone are anti-ad applications, but there are also many less known ones. With a little ‘effort to be taken only once, you can develop an advertising block with which to disable and remove any pop up, banner, video or opening unwanted pages: in short, all kinds of content to advertise, or almost. If you want to stop ad and delete them as much as possible by trying each adblock method, continue reading to learn how to delete ads on Android in apps and browsers.


Many connoisseurs when it comes to eliminating advertising immediately think of Android apps suitable for this purpose, such as AdBlock. But even before installing applications you can block invasive advertising even by using the native settings of the operating system or web browser. With these options you will be able to remove only certain types of ads, but they may be the ones that bother you. Using native Android settings, you can limit unwanted advertising from Google by turning off ad customization. This can not completely remove advertising, but it can prevent apps from using your ID to create profiles or show personalized ads about what you like. Just go to Settings, then to Account, on Google and on the Announcement, then move the switch next to Disable Ad Customization to On to enable the option.

You can also limit advertisements on Google Chrome, Dolphin and Mozilla Firefox web browsers using their native settings. If you have Chrome, go to the 3 dots in the upper right after opening it, tap on Settings, then on Site Settings. By first clicking the Popup and redirects item and then the Announcement item, move all the 2 switches that will appear for each item to Off. This will disable the pop-up windows that open themselves while browsing, automatic redirects to other pages and all ads on sites that tend to show invasive ads. You can do something similar on Dolphin going to Settings, Advanced, Web Content and tapping on Block pop-up windows. Finally, if you have Mozilla Firefox, write about: config in the URL bar where the website addresses appear, and at the dom.disable_open_during_load command set False.

With the methods explained above you will not be able to eliminate advertising on Android permanently from your smartphone and your browsers, but without a doubt you will be able to get rid of the more invasive one in your web browsers. If you do not have the browsers listed above, however, wander in your settings because if it is one of the best you should find a similar option at least to disable annoying pop-up windows that could even lead you to activate unwanted subscriptions.

App to block advertising

Now let’s talk about applications, tools that you can download and install quickly and easily to eliminate advertising of all kinds from your phones or tablets. Applications have the disadvantage of consuming more resources than the native functions of the Android device, both in terms of performance and battery. But on the other hand, they are the most effective method to remove advertising on any type of device. The following 3 applications that we recommend work without root, simply install them and they may already be operational.

AdBlock Plus (recommended for Samsung)

The legendary AdBlock Plus was born as an extension of PC browsers that allows to eliminate advertising of any kind from every website, and has also become an application to eliminate advertising on Android. This application is unfortunately not suitable for all browsers, but only works with Samsung Internet Browser from version 4.0 upward. In case you do not know it, it is the browser pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy devices. Just like on a PC, if you install this application and you have the aforementioned browser, you will be able to have the advertising block for all the ad shown on the websites. Consider it as a kind of add-on, which does not consume resources in a particular way and even remaining open in the background does not go to reduce particularly performance and autonomy.

Adblocker Browser

Unlike the previous application which is like a simple plugin, this is an entire browser, the most famous browser to eliminate advertising. AdBlocker Browser is available on the Play Store for free and integrates a feature that blocks advertising from websites before they appear on your screen and be downloaded (also saving data traffic). You will get rid of not only ads, but also those annoying windows containing false warnings of viruses, hoaxes and deception to activate subscriptions that erode your remaining credit. The streaming sites from video ads are also covered, and those background scripts that can consume the battery. It is the best browser among those available on Google Play with ad-blocker function, and therefore will not make you regret the possible uninstallation of Google Chrome or other competitors.


Do you want a free ad-blocker, do you want it without additional apps and would like to have it on Google Chrome? We understand the frustration, since Google Chrome does not have a complete function to block advertising and you can not even find an app on the Play Store that can do it without root. However, you can install Bromite, which is a modified version (by a third-party developer) of Google Chrome, which includes an ad-blocking feature and improvements for privacy.

Warning: this is not an official version of Google Chrome and is not on the Play Store. It has been modified by a third-party developer with which we are not connected and is available as an APK file, so we can not verify the reliability and security of this application. You decide whether to enter your data or not at your own risk. You can download the application on the official site, remembering that to install it you must enable the installation of apps from unknown sources (Settings, Security and check on Unknown sources). Download of Bromite.

Airplane mode offline

In addition to ads on browsers, another form of invasive advertising that can be very annoying is that which appears in applications and video games, especially when it is so invasive to cover the whole screen or to bring you in web pages at the slightest touch. If you use applications or games that you can use even without an internet connection, the fastest way to eliminate advertising is to simply activate the airplane mode. In fact, the ad are activated when the internet connection is active, otherwise they can not appear. By activating the airplane mode you will deactivate any connection, both data and WiFi, and consequently you will block advertising. You can activate airplane mode in the settings or use the quick toggles in the notification drop-down, if your interface contains them.


Some smartphones have system applications (which can not be uninstalled) that access the internet independently to show banners via notifications or other means. This annoying functionality can also be found in applications that remain open in the background and that we usually use for other purposes. In these cases, you can use a firewall to block access to the internet for these applications. By installing NoRoot Firewall, you can also delete advertising from these apps. In addition, it also serves to protect the smartphone from unauthorized access by third parties. To block advertising, install the app, open it and tap on Start to activate protection. On the Applications tab of the app, you can select which apps should be denied access to WiFi and/or data connection, and you can do so by ticking the small box next to each application in the list. In the main screen you can also select Auto start if you want the firewall to work even when the smartphone or tablet is restarted.

How to delete ALL advertising content: AdAway (root required)

Using AdAway is a method that unlike others allows us to eliminate all the advertisements that can appear on a smartphone or tablet in one shot. In order for this tool to work properly, however, there is a need for active root permissions. The procedure to get the root is not short and changes from device to device, so we suggest you search online for the guide dedicated to your device. We are also not responsible for any brick or other technical problems that may occur to your terminal while trying to root.

If you have the root you can download the AdAway app that is not on the Play Store, so it must be installed via APK filehere is the download. Before installing it, if you have not done so, you must enable the installation of applications from unknown sources. You can do this by going to Settings, then Security and then checking the box next to Unknown sources (the path may not be identical on smartphone with ROM or Android interface customized by the manufacturer/developer). Now install the app and delete advertising of all kinds from Android touch Download files and apply the block advertising. Then, if you are asked to reboot, touch Yes (restart your smartphone even if you are not asked by holding down the power button and choosing the appropriate item). Now no applications nor browsers will be able to show you ads. It is advisable to apply in the Preferences in the app the item Automatic update and Check updates daily to always update the lists that allow you to delete advertising.