The greatest value of Android is precisely the personalization. Being an open source operating system, it is possible to change almost anything, from graphics to functionality. The easiest way to customize the graphic interface of a smartphone with the Google operating system is without doubt installing an Android launcher and icon pack. The first consists of an application that changes the graphics of the Home screen, the app drawer and the settings menu, renewing the graphics and adding new features.

A great thing especially if a cell phone has Android stock installed with its material design and its few functions. With the free and paid icon packs, instead, once you have installed a launcher, you will change the icons of the applications, folders and shortcuts that we insert on our Home screen and that are present in the application menu. You can make them colored, in 3D, flat, minimal or in any other way. Since the icons are the most important graphic element in the interface of any terminal, if you change them graphically you can really upset the UI.

Finding the best icon pack could mean making exceptional graphics by installing a single application. Just download the app on the Play Store using the appropriate button to download and it is done: each icon changes as we please. Many manufacturers change icons on their smartphones: just think of Huawei with the EMUI interface, Samsung with its Samsung Experience and Xiaomi with MIUI. With this guide you can change them autonomously and even for free by choosing the best Android icon packs to personalize your smartphone whether paid or free .

Warning!  To use an icon package, you need to install a launcher, which is a complete customization of the graphic interface of the Google operating system that also changes the icons. You can find out which ones are the best ever for free by using the link below: the best Android launchers from the fastest to the most customized [Click HERE!]

Best free Android icon pack


The Polycon package is based on the style of material design, but even if they are flat icons they are sophisticated and truly original. They look just like if they were the real icons of applications for the care and originality with which they were made, but they are not, and the beauty is that they all share the same style in a very homogeneous. There are more than 800 vector icons available within this icon pack, plus 20 wallpapers that fit perfectly with them. The icons of the folders and the app drawer are also included, and you can recommend to the developers other applications for which the icons do not yet exist, suggesting to realize them.


With Moonshine you will have an icon pack suitable for all those who are looking for a sober look, with easily distinguishable but stylistic icons. This is not anything fancy, but you can see them as an improvement of those stocks on Android. Some have been changed colors to better adapt to the rest of the icons, while others have been added shadows, while others have been renewed a bit ‘heavier, always to adapt to the rest. The result is a really successful icon pack with more than 925 icons, and in addition also 28 wallpapers that exploit their aesthetic potential to the fullest. They are compatible with all the most important Android launchers.

Belle UI

The Belle UI package is the most symmetrical and orderly in the world of Android icon packs. In fact, its all icons have the same shape, and therefore also for those with vision problems are easy to distinguish and to identify. What changes is obviously the logo of the app within them, but their strength is the fact that, although all the same shape, they are still well made to such an extent as not to be forced. The biggest problem of the homogeneous icons in the form is therefore solved, that is the fact that the logos of the applications do not fit well inside them. Belle UI is one of the most downloaded Android icon packs and contains the beauty of over 1440 icons, which is not one of the highest quantities in the world of Android icon packs but is still more than enough. It is also possible from the application to choose wallpapers for the smartphone that adapt to the icons making them stand out.


Are you looking for a minimalist icon pack? Then choose Whicons! A package of icons all white and stylized that will make your smartphone look very retro. They are all two-dimensional icons, but not difficult to distinguish. There are no colors apart from white, and everything is based on simplicity. Even the included backgrounds are patterns or otherwise unique images. There are as many as 5120 icons available and are constantly updated in such a way that applications discovered are as little as possible. A fundamental thing, since it is an Android icon pack with models all white and different from any stock icon. It is easy to contact the developers and compatibility is guaranteed with many launchers.


An Android icon pack that will greatly enrich your Home screen and your app drawer is definitely CandyCons, which as the name suggests also makes the icons look like so many gummy candies. It is a package that manages to add a lot of three-dimensionality, even if based on the material design and not moving away strongly from the stock icons of the green robot. In some icons have been added some brilliant elements that perfectly describe the functionality of the applications, and have also included icons for each type of folder that can be very useful to recognize groups of applications of the same type in a fast way. In addition to the icon pack, there are also wallpapers included in the application.

Best paid Android icon packs



In perfect vintage style, this Android icon pack will remind you of many memories. The RETRORIKA icons are characterized by saturated colors that make them look aged for decades, but at the same time remain incredibly current. They are completely distorted compared to those stocks and their lines combined with the shadows also add a lot of three-dimensionality. They are the top for those who love everything that is retro but does not want to renounce the colors and originality, because the conservative spirit must not necessarily be devoid of innovation. The package includes almost 4000 icons with support for over 30 launchers. It is easy thanks to the app to look for the icons that interest us and also to suggest new ones to the developers.



The bright and well-defined colors are the main asset of this Android icon pack. With the arrival of the material design, the shades have increasingly subsided, so much so that some are even dull. With this icon pack instead conquer the brio that was lost from the first versions of Android and old phones, but still remain simple icons. Nevertheless, attention to detail, even in their simplicity, is more than evident in Glim. It is not mandatory to choose a single icon for each smartphone function or application: many times, interesting alternatives are also provided. In total there are over 2500 high-definition icons and over 3500 alternatives. There is a search function and there are also backgrounds.

Graby Spin

Graby Spin

The icons of Graby Spin are many balls: all of circular shape, they are really the top for those looking for homogeneity. Although the circular shape is used for each single icon supported, each of them is perfectly integrated into each circle, without ever being inappropriate. The balls have a background formed by color shades that make them look high compared to the smartphone display, for a wonderful three-dimensional effect. With around 2750 icons supported, this Android icon pack offers the ability to search and find them quickly, is compatible with 24 Android launcher and also includes wallpapers downloadable via cloud, which can also be scrolled.



Inside the icon pack Paper you will find icons that, as the name suggests, look like many pieces of paper torn. It is as if all the icons of the applications were drawn on a single sheet, after which the sheet is torn into many small pieces, each for each icon. Of the pieces of paper that also appear to be mistreated and torn badly, with a lot of crumpled effect. These are features that make Paper one of the most original icon packs ever and make it deserve a place among the best Android icon packs in the world. We like to define Paper as a package of icons for disordered, because the best effect is given if you spread them all around the Home screen. More than 5000 icons are included and over 40 backgrounds in the package.



To finish with the paid icon pack for Android we recommend Materialistik, which is a middle ground between all those we have seen so far. Not too whimsical, but still completely different than the stock icons of Android. It has a look that is halfway between vintage and whimsical, and there is undoubtedly a lot of originality in the creation of icons. But they are based on the material design, so the style is not very different from the stock, even if they are completely different. The package contains more than 4000 icons, more than 100 wallpapers and a search function

Stock icons packages from other smartphones

Do you have a smartphone of a certain brand but do you like the icons and interfaces that other smartphone manufacturers put on their devices? Below you can find the icon pack containing the most acclaimed UI icons on smartphones. The icons try to reproduce the devices of the various brands in an impeccable way, but these icon packs have not been created by the manufacturers of these smartphones but by third-party developers. So they could be less updated.