Launcher is the most fun launcher for Android devices: just install an application and that’s it, the whole interface and the way we interact with the smartphone can change completely, giving a new face to the phone. Below we draw up a list of the “20 best Android launchers” with the aim to try and see closely what you can do when developers work on such an open platform as Android.

The 20 best Android launchers to try

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher is a good option for those who have very personal tastes, as the application allows sufficient customization. It offers several initial options, which you can select based on your preferences, you can also create your own layout. Buzz Launcher is free and full of good options.

Lawnchair Launcher

This launcher has not yet been released, but has already been quite successful. This is an open source project developed by volunteers, so new features are always up to date. Although still under test, the application already works very well and boasts a very clean and friendly configuration. It’s free and promises that it will always be like this.

Launcher <3

It is a Launcher that promises to offer features like Pixel Launcher to everyone. The features are quite simple and clean, giving the device a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, the application is quite light and functional, in short, the treasure of many people.

ADW Launcher 2

ADW allows you to choose between different interfaces, since the same startup program refers to different versions of Android. You can also switch between these different options in the system settings. The launcher gives the smartphone a new face, nothing heavy. The interfaces are friendly and clean.

OF Launcher

Like Lawnchair, this app has not been released yet. The trial version, however, works very well and has already been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people. OF Launcher gives the phone a different aspect from other smartphones, a certain “futuristic” aspect. The backgrounds are very interesting and combine with each other with the layout of the icons.

Next Launcher

For those who like more futuristic layouts, this launcher is ideal. It boasts 3D icons, all of them with a certain depth. When you click on one of them, the icon appears to “jump” on the screen. Overall, the appearance may seem a bit ‘polluted for users particularly related to the traditional, but for those who instead love this type of futuristic design, the Next Launcher performs very well his work.

The best Android launcher to try, Microsoft Launcher

The Microsoft launcher from the beginning had a close but faithful circle of “fans”. That’s why the company decided to revise its Android interface and reposition itself as “Microsoft Launcher”. The boot interface is modern and easy to use.

The folders are displayed in squares, and within them are always highlighted four icons, so you can glimpse an example of what you have in there without having to open the folder. Android notifications do not interfere with startup operations: just slide your finger up and down, just like on an iPhone, to display the notification bar.

The two main features of Microsoft Launcher are the feed, located on the left of the main screen, and the shortcut menu, which can be pulled from the bottom up. In the feed, which is almost identical to the iOS system, there is a lot of information, such as news and frequently used applications. The user can select the content to view.

The shortcut menu is dragged from the bottom, just like on iPhone.

Includes a second set of five shortcuts, five important system settings and a screen brightness slider. Bad news: the pull-in function, from pull to upgrade, works only on the main screen, not as iOS that makes this feature available on the entire system.

Good news: on request, the launcher can be compiled with background images of Bing, the search engine.

Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher is the new Google launcher for Pixel smartphones (from Google). You can also use this option on Android, but features vary depending on the version of your system. Pixel Launcher is not available for download on Google Play for all devices, so we recommend that you perform the manual installation by downloading the APK.

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher is one of the favorite languages of Friends Reader. Besides having a friendly logo, it is also light and minimalist, known for its speed. Simplify your home screen by summarizing everything in the top search, showing the apps you use most frequently when scrolling down, the app drawer opens up and can be organized in a grid or alphabetical list. It also allows you to customize icons, folders, gestures and even unread messages.

The best Android launcher to try, Nova Launcher

What is there to say about Nova? Simple, it shows the structure and the user interface of Android, but at the same time allows many configurations, such as grid layout, icons, icon packs, margins, search bar, scrolling, colors, transparencies and more. In short, Nova is almost completely customizable. It’s one of the most popular startup programs nowadays exactly because it works great on virtually any Android phone. Lightweight, fast and very fluid.

Apex Launcher

It is very similar to Nova, simple, light, fluid, compatible with Android, and also customizable. It has more customizations than the previous launcher, but also has some minority compared to it. The big difference could be with the Apex menu and the Apex actions.

Computer Launcher

The Computer Launcher is a boot option for fans of Windows 10, since you can try the experience of using the Microsoft system in Android quite comprehensively and, in addition, free. The idea of the app is to turn the operating system into a PC environment, with a similar file management, including a new notification center and the start menu. The most interesting thing is that you can use all the features without leaving the main screen, through Windows.

ZenUI Launcher

How about experiencing the appearance of Zenfone devices on your Android? ZenUI Launcher is developed by Asus and allows any user to know the customization features of the Taiwanese manufacturer. The app is one of the most customizable and also themed options to block apps with a password, there is also support for icon packs, transition effects and other features.

The launcher has a minimalist appearance, despite the excess resources. The taskbar has an interesting effect and differs somewhat from other versions of ZenUI that work on previous models of the same brand. It is definitely worth downloading it!

The best Android launcher to try, ASAP Launcher

ASAP is a favorite of Bruno Salutes, mainly because it offers good customization options in the free version and presents a minimalist and intuitive graphics. The app transforms the initial system screens into options to request information, such as a screen with only weather forecasts and another with calendar events. Everything can be customized by the user.

With the cursor on the left, a small menu with shortcuts is displayed, while the backward movement opens the apps installed on the system. The main widget, which is displayed as a default on the first screen, displays the Google search bar and attaches other information that the user performs at a given time, such as songs or Drive documents. It’s a very smart widget, try it the most caught!

Z Launcher

Z Launcher is an option for anyone who wants to get away from the basic system model, consisting of screens, an icon bar and widgets. All that this launcher does is create a screen in which the applications installed on the device are arranged, allowing the user to perform searches by typing a letter with his finger. For example, if you write the letter M, all the apps starting with that letter will be displayed. It’s a great and functional app.

Action Launcher

The main feature of Action is the sidebar, which starts from the left and shows all installed applications. Furthermore, there is a bar on the right where the user can place their favorite apps. The launcher also brings control through gestures, which can be customized.

You can customize the size of the grids, create different shortcuts and folders. The Google search bar can also be customized with application shortcuts. The Action Launcher has a free version (which has no features) and a paid version of $ 15. Yes, it’s a little expensive, but it’s worth every real investment.

C Launcher

For those looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use launcher, C Launcher is one of the best candidates. Use contextual information based on using the phone to suggest applications and features based on location. C Launcher has thousands of themes available and you can easily create your own in the app itself. In addition, it has an app store, a system cleaner and many other integrated features.

Launcher only

Only it’s quite simple and intuitive, it comes with a permanent notification that brings with it the shortcuts to search, WiFi, data, flashlight and Impulse, which is nothing but another shortcut to clear the system memory. It brings an icon called Random, which changes the background with random images. “Only” uses a few gestures: by sliding your finger from top to bottom, the notifications open, in the opposite direction, a search page.

FastKey Launcher

FastKey Launcher is very interesting and is an unusual and innovative proposal in the world of launchers (startup programs). By default, an additional screen is displayed on the home screen where the user can search for applications or some commands, such as “Call Camilla Rinaldi”.

When you type this type of command or another similar one, the actions are performed automatically by the system. FastKey also has some backgrounds and few customization options, as its main function is the tasiera. Those who love to try new ideas will surely appreciate this proposal.

ZERO Launcher

For those who like icons with multiple colors, three-dimensional effects, including transitions between the screen, will appreciate Zero Launcher. It overcomes the standard of today’s launchers, which always invest in something flatter and closer to Material Design.

Another strong point here is customization, since ZERO comes with additional themes, backgrounds, icon packs and various options to customize the appearance of the interface.

We hope to help you find the most suitable Android launcher for you. Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment below!


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