You arrive at home after a very stressful day, just to let off steam you would like to hit someone or something without committing any crime. There is nothing better than destroying the brain of the zombies who, after all, only want to eat your brain, and even if they do that it will not make them any smarter. With Android you can have many games where you just have to aim at the head of the zombies and kill them, until you fall asleep. Today we show you the five best zombie games for Android.

The best zombie games for Android

1. Dead Trigger 2

A classic in any ranking of zombie games for smartphones. There is not much to say that you do not already know. You are a soldier who is part of the resistance against the zombies and the only thing you have to do is to perform missions in which there will be living beings who will try to stop you. It’s a game that hooks up from the beginning thanks to its simple mechanism.

For the most competitive, it has a game mode in which you have to get as many points as possible until they kill you, annihilating every zombie that moves using your weapons and the traps that you have at the stage. The more you have the better weapon, the longer you will resist. If you get very high in the rankings you can get interesting prizes.

2. Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies may not be the most brilliant game that exists for Android, but if you’re looking for a free one that is able to occupy the 15 boring minutes of public transport in which you’ll have nothing to do, this is ideal. The game at a glance is exactly what the title indicates: our only goal is to destroy the zombies, and to do so you only have to move your fingers on the screen.

3. Earn to die 2

Do you like cars as much as killing zombies? Well, here you have a mixture of both elements. You will be in the driving seat of a car of dubious beauty, with the goal of pressing on the accelerator by investing all the zombies crossing your path and destroying the obstacles.

You must travel as far as you can until you run out of gas and get a budget to install improvements in your vehicle to kill undead more effectively. Get wheels with more grip, a better engine to gain more speed and more storage to be able to travel farther, and especially do not forget extra weapons and armor to blow up the zombies.

4. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Surely you know the television series or comics of The Walking Dead, perhaps the main person in charge of “zombie” fashion. This time we have the official game, where you can join Rick, Daryl or other characters in the series. Zombies dominate the world and human beings are increasingly a minority.

The story begins when your group leaves a container in Terminus and finds several walkers in full lunch. Your goal in this game is to build a solid field, attract humans to join your group and train them to kill undead more effectively.

This turn-based game is quite compelling, you can not overlook the health of your characters or your field if you want to move on. After each mission you can open a maximum of 3 boxes among the 9 that are there, and you may find some surprises. You will count on the help of Darril for a while, or rather “the crossbow boy” as he is called, which will help you prosper.

5. Dead Effect 2

If you like Dead Trigger this game will not let you down. The style is quite similar to the first game on the list, a first-person shooter where you have to kill all kinds of zombies. Its graphics are pretty good and there are “my challenges” to open some doors or to access certain panels.

The story begins when you wake up, weakened. Your first mission is to go to a doctor to find out what happens to you, crossing corridors where there are zombies and cyber-dogs. You are on a ship full of undead and they reveal that your character (you can choose between 3 according to the features that you like most) is an experiment that came out “regularly”. Both humans and zombies want you dead, so you have to survive fighting each other.

We hope to have helped you find the best zombie games for Android that best suit your tastes. Tell us about your experience by leaving a comment below!


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