updates itself and becomes more complete. Here is the tool to measure the speed of your mobile or Fiber connection

The speed test of, is updated significantly by offering both the download speed, that of upload and also showing latency. So an important upgrade of the service that now becomes more and more reliable and fast in offering a complete picture on the goodness of our line as to make the test takes advantage of the fast servers of Netflix., which gives a hard time to Speed Test by Ookla, with results more in line more precise than Ookla, and now with the new update that shows all the parameters necessary to make the network work better, will certainly become in little time of the speed testers of the home internet line, ADSL or Fiber Optic .

How to use

Using is really simple, in fact, once you have accessed the service website after the first test phase, you will be shown the speed of:

  • Download
  • Upload
  • Latency of the line

At the end of the test, the download speed will be shown only by clicking on Show Information, other data will be shown that will surely please you to test your line thoroughly.

In this way we will have a more complete picture of the goodness of our line if it is quick or not so if necessary to request to check the line, open a fault or change the router with a more performing one.


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