MotoGP 17 Cheats For Windows PCs Exclusive

MotoGP 17 Cheat Table: updated and functional tricks for the game on Windows PC

Have you just bought the brand new MotoGP 17 game for Windows PC and are you looking for the best-updated tricks? You’re in the right place!

As usual, first we offer the tricks tested and working for the game. Below is the download of the Cheat Table for CoSMOS of MotoGP 17, which allows you to activate many tricks and cheats in the game.

Thanks to these tricks, perfectly tested and working, you can enjoy yourself to the full with your new game just released, taking advantage of features such as invincibility, immortality and endless and unlimited weapons.

MotoGP 17 release date

The game, as you know, was released on June 16, 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

And if you’re reading this article, you probably already bought the Windows PC version, right?

MotoGP 17 trailer

MotoGP 17 PC requirements

In this article, however, we have seen what are the minimum and recommended requirements of the Windows PC version of the game:

MotoGP 17 gameplay/h3>
Milestone officially announced MotoGP 17, the video game dedicated to the 2017 MotoGP season: the title has launched on June 15, 2017 on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Windows PC via Steam. For the occasion, the first trailer was published.

The 2017 edition of the official videogame of MotoGP brings with it all the adrenaline and the desire for speed of the new season of the world championship. The title will include all the riders, teams and circuits of 2017, the new regulations and the Red Bull Rookies Cup championship. This edition will reach for the first time the 60 fps guaranteeing an unprecedented yield and an extreme enjoyment for the final consumer. All this will be possible thanks to the skills and experience that the developers of the Milestone studios have accumulated over more than 20 years.

We are working hard to make MotoGP ™ 17, not just an update of the season, but an enjoyable game full of all the news that fans of the series have requested over the years. We will have a new competitive and exciting online mode, a revolutionary career and much more. I do not want to reveal anything yet, but I assure you that you will see some good over the next few months. Meanwhile, make yourself comfortable and look forward to the new season with us, says Matteo Pezzotti, Lead Designer Milestone.

Tricks MotoGP 17 for Windows PC thanks to Cheat Table for CoSMOS

Returning to the tricks for this game, let’s see together what tricks and codes we have available to win easily on the Windows PC platform.

Remember, for those who do not know, that to use the tricks in the game we will have to use the external program called CoSMOS, absolutely tested and 100% reliable.

This program, available for Windows PC, allows you to load a file inside the game(called Cheat Table ) that activates and makes tricks functional. There are in fact some very skilled players in the programming that have created a file ready that contains the tricks: it is simply loaded inside the game to activate them.

Do not be scared, the steps to follow are few and simple and there is also a video that tells you how to do it.

Basically, you must first download CoSMOS (which is a totally free program) and then load the Cheat Table related to MotoGP 17 into CoSMOS. For each game, in fact, there is a specific Cheat Table that activates certain tricks.

Here are the files to download to activate the tricks in MotoGP 17:

  • find the Cheat Table for MotoGP 17 HERE
  • once you have downloaded the Cheat Table (which I remember is specific to each game), you must also download CoSMOS from HERE

Now that you have downloaded all the files you need, you just need:

  • start CoSMOS
  • load the tricks file inside CoSMOS

Nothing could be simpler. If you do not know how to do it, you can watch this video that clearly explains each step:

But with these tricks what do you get in the game?

  • Max Money – endless money, unlimited money, endless coins, unlimited coins in MotoGP 17
  • Max Rep – reputation to the maximum, maximum reputation in MotoGP 17

The tricks unfortunately only work in the managerial career, not in all game modes.

As you can see, thanks to these tricks your games in the game MotoGP 17 for Windows PC will be much simpler, although obviously the fun will come a little, since the challenges will become all very easy, perhaps too much.

For this guide it’s all, have fun!

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