New Microsoft Edge Based on Chromium: Downloads and Features

Finally, the new Microsoft Edge has arrived. The famous Microsoft browser, therefore, updates and brings many new features with it that will make the user experience far better than previous versions. Based on Chromium, the same engine as Google Chrome, the new Edge is able to offer truly unprecedented speed of use. In this new version Edge also becomes cross-platform being available for Windows 10macOSiOSAndroid and Linux. In addition, there are also other and numerous new features of this browser. In this article, we will tell you about features and downloads of the new Chromium-based Edge.

Main news

The innovations on the new Edge are really many and mark a real turning point for the Microsoft browser. Below you can find all the main innovations introduced by the new Edge.


The first and most evident novelty is the one concerning the interface; this has been completely redesigned, becoming very similar to that of Google Chrome. Among the changes made, one of the best is that of the Settings menu which, unlike the previous version, switches from a pop-up menu to a full page layout making this tab easier and more accessible.

Microsoft Edge Based on Chromium

User Profiles

User profiles have finally been implemented on the new Edge, which will allow more people to share Edge on the same PC without having to create a new user account on Windows 10. The supported profiles are of two types: the local profile, not connected online, makes so that the settings are only available on the device, instead of the cloud profile, connected to your Microsoft account, allows you to back up the settings and synchronize data between the various devices.


A further novelty is that relating to Privacy. In fact, a new feature called Tracking Prevention is available in the new version of the Microsoft web browser. The latter will allow to be always defended by trackers, which monitor when a site is controlled. This setting is enabled by default and includes a series of options that allow the user to decide how the browser can detect and block malicious trackers. In addition, in the Privacy and services settings it will be possible to choose the level of protection you intend to have between Balanced, Basic or Strict.


The result of the move to an open source platform, another new feature of the new Edge is that which allows you to install extensions and add-ons to your browser. Although Edge has its own store for extensions, those designed for Chrome, available through the Chrome Web Storecan also be installed and used. To do this, the option to install extensions from other stores must be enabled.

Other news

In addition to those listed above, there are also other new features introduced in the new Edge browser. Among which:

  • Progressive Web Apps ( PWA ) support: allows you to use and install websites as if they were applications;
  • Immersive reading: it will allow, with a single click, to eliminate all the disorder given by advertising on the pages of the sites, so as to make the eyes strain as little as possible;
  • PDF viewer: although already present on the old version and other browsers, the latter shows important news such as the possibility to select the text, highlight it and write on it to take notes;
  • Dark theme.


For owners of a copy of Windows 10 from 1803 onwards, the new browser will arrive as an update via Windows Update. If you don’t intend to wait, all you have to do is download the new Edge from this address, and then wait for the installation to be completed.