Nintendo Switch new model red box : Here is What’s new

Red box for the new Nintendo Switch model: what are the differences and what does it really change compared to the old version? From the battery to the screen.

Nintendo Switch new model red box: differences and what changes

Nintendo Switch has a new model, but many don’t know it. The new version is characterized by a red box and has some small differences compared to the old one released two years ago. What changes in the new Nintendo Switch and which one should you buy?

The new models are available for sale from 9 September 2019 and differ at first sight from the classic version thanks to the new red box: a different packaging than in the past with some small additions from the hardware point of view at a substantially unchanged price.

Be careful not to confuse the new model with the next Nintendo Switch Lite, which will be available in the same period: the first differs in being an upgrade of the classic version, while the second is explicitly oriented towards portability.

Nintendo Switch new model: how to recognize it

The new Nintendo Switch model differs from the previous one, as pointed out, for some upgrades and hardware upgrades (which we will see better in the next section).

During the purchase, you might miss the chance to buy this new, more updated version, perhaps opting (naively) for the classic version. Recognizing the new model is really simple: Nintendo offers the console for sale with a new graphic design on the box, on which the red color stands out.

The old model, probably destined to disappear from the market, is easily recognizable thanks to the box that we have seen for sale until today (with the predominantly white box that varies according to the color chosen for the joy-con).

The new box for the updated version of Nintendo Switch
The new box for the updated version of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch new model: what changes, battery and features

The new model has some subtle differences, the main characteristic of which lies in the battery which has been improved compared to the past and has a greater energy autonomy.

Compared to the current model, in fact, the new version can count on a battery that extends the gaming experience by bringing it between four and a half hours and nine hours against the two and six and a half hours of the old model (much depends on the titles played, above all The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, currently the game that most stresses the console).

In reality it is not a real new battery, which is the same, but Nvidia’s update to the Tegra X1 processor which now allows for better calibration of the console’s performance.

The screen also changes, with a new display produced by Sharp, which goes to improve visibility in direct sunlight and offers slightly warmer shades of colors than in the past (obviously speaking of the mobile game, everything changes once connected to the TV on duty).

Absent, apparently, profound revisions for the components of Joy-Con (Affected by the Drift phenomenon, as recognized by Nintendo itself).

Nintendo Switch new model: price, should you buy?

The price of the new Nintendo Switch remains substantially unchanged: 350 Dollars, varying according to the various flyer offers.

Is it really worth buying it? It depends: if you are in possession of the previous version, perhaps purchased recently, you can feel safe. With less autonomy, gaming performance (such as uploads) remains substantially unchanged.

If you are more portability-oriented players, you might think about switching to the new model, perhaps by selling your old console taking advantage of the energy improvement and slightly higher screen.

If you are buying the Nintendo console for the first time, no doubt about it: Switch’s red box model is for you.

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