Online casinos constantly evolving to stay relevant in changing times

On the face of it, there is nothing more traditional than a casino. Sure, the video slots are more advanced now than they used to be but other than that, the games, the terminology and the dress code are much the same as they were when Sean Connery uttered the immortal words “Bond, James Bond,” for the first time on the set of Dr No. Casinos are so stuck in the past that they are practically the only public buildings left on the planet in which you can still light up a cigarette!

Online casinos constantly evolving to stay relevant in changing times

Yet while Vegas and Monte Carlo happily continue to live the 1962 lifestyle, their online counterparts exist in a virtual world where change is the only constant. The blackjack and roulette might have a retro look, but online casinos exist in a state of non-stop evolution. Let’s take a look at how technology is changing the games we play and the way we play them.  

Redefining real money 

We have grown comfortable with the phrase real money gambling and we think we know what it means. But just take a look at the real money US casinos listed on the Gamble Online site at You’ll notice that almost all of them accept Bitcoin transactions as a matter of course.  

Online casinos were among the early adopters where crypto is concerned. However, while five years ago, Bitcoin casinos were still a quite specialist niche, today, crypto has become just another payment method, and for a growing number, it is the method of choice. 

New gambling games 

As we mentioned, games like roulette and blackjack have been popular for decades and that is not going to change any time soon. However, online platforms are finding new ways to package them and are developing entirely new games alongside them for millennial customers who expect more choice in all things. 

Developers like Evolution Gaming are at the forefront of the revolution, with their new takes on casino classics such as Peek Baccarat and Lightning Blackjack. They have also developed live casino versions of popular TV games like Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal. 

Focusing on the experience 

Those live games are another aspect of online casino gaming that has developed dramatically over recent years. They help to make the online experience at least somewhat closer to the excitement of being in a real casino among dealers and other players. Yet this is only the beginning. 

VR and AR have had several false dawns over the years, but now, affordable technology exists to make VR casinos a reality. With a simple VR kit, players can enter a fully immersive casino environment without leaving their homes. The nature of the games – a spinning wheel, the turn of a card and so on, make casinos the ideal proving ground for VR gaming technology. Make no mistake, it is coming, and once one VR casino opens its doors, dozens more will be certain to appear in its wake.

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