Open command prompt on Windows? It is simple. Of course, but depending on the situation you are in (for example, you can not log in to Windows), it is useful to know all the possible ways to open the command prompt. This is the purpose of this tutorial: I’ll show you how to open the Windows command prompt in many different ways so you know how to access it regardless of the galley you’re in.

Directly from Windows

From the Quick Link menu

Simultaneously press the Windows + X on your keyboard to open the Quick Links menu, and select command prompt or command Prompt (admin).

From the Run command

Press the Windows + R keys on the keyboard at the same time to open the Run command and type cmd to open the command prompt in limited mode.

Or the command runas/user: fully_comput_namePC cmd to open the command prompt in administrator mode (replace full user_namePC with the name of your account).

From the Task Manager

Press the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys simultaneously and select Task Manager.

Click File and then Run a new task.

Enter the cmd command and select the Create this task with administrative privileges check box (if you want to start the command prompt as an administrator) and then press Enter.

From File Explorer

Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows + E keys at the same time.

Go to the folder where you want to open the command prompt. Then, right-click on a white area while holding down the Shift key and select  Open Command Window here.

And now, the command prompt opens directly into the folder from which we launched it.

From advanced boot options

There are several ways to access Advanced Boot Options

Once in Advanced Boot Options, click Troubleshooting.

Then on Advanced Options.

And finally on Insert commands.

From the Windows Installer

Boot the PC from a Windows installation media (USB stick or DVD),  and click the Install Now button.

On the next screen, select  Custom: install Windows only (advanced).

When you reach the partition screen, press the SHIFT + F10 keys simultaneously.

The Windows command prompt appears magically.


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