How to optimize Android RAM

How to optimize RAM to increase the speed of your smartphone? Read this article and you will find all the answers to your why. Do our smartphones have only 512 or 1,2,4 GB of RAM? Is it possible to increase the RAM on our smartphones? We will see together solutions to improve your RAM problems, with or without root access. The process is simple, fast and efficient.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory)?

RAM is what the system uses to place temporary application data so that it can be started faster.

The more RAM we have on the device, the more applications we can run simultaneously. The problem is that even the processes of the system consume it, so if your device has only a small amount of RAM and installs many applications, the RAM could fill up quickly, which will cause delays.

Tips to optimize RAM without root

Now that you have a little idea of what RAM is, let’s see how to optimize it. In this first part, we will look at suggestions for non-root devices.

Limit widgets and live wallpapers

These are greedy elements: some widgets that update their data and live wallpapers are continuously active. They affect not only RAM but also battery consumption, so if you want to optimize one or the other (or both), consider limiting the use of these functions.

Order applications

Some applications run in the background even when you do not use them, or you use them very little. Why keep them if they do more harm than good? Ask yourself the question and ask yourself if you really need it. Optionally, you can simply disable them.

To deactivate an application,

  1. go to Settings> Applications to get a list of all the applications on your device.
  2. press and stop it if necessary
  3. then press the Deactivate button and confirm.

If possible, do not use more than three applications at the same time.

Disable animations

Transition animations and windows are also greedy and sometimes not essential. You can manage them in development options. To do this, go to Settings> Development Options / Developer Options.

So, go to the Drawing section and disable the following options, your RAM will thank you:

  •  Scale animation window
  •  Scale transition animation
  •  Animation duration scale

Increase RAM on your Android device (root)

Now let’s move to the useful guide only for those who have root permissions on their device. In this part, the trick is to create a swap partition on your SD card. To achieve this, we will use the ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP) application, available on Google Play.

What makes this application good? (Information from the app on the Google Play Store ):

  •  Use part or all of the memory of the SD card as RAM (SWAP)
  •  RAM extension with SWAP file up to 4.0 GB (limit imposed by the system)
  •  No limits for creating SWAP partitions!
  •  Paged performance degradation is not present in class 8 SD cards
  •  Widget to enable/disable Swap on / off quickly
  •  Detailed information and memory analysis
  •  Automatic execution function (automatic management)
  •  Parameterization of the Kernel Swappiness (control of the density of use of the SWAP file)
  •  Optimal configuration in one click! (“Optimal values”> optimization and automatic calculation)
  •  It supports Android with ROOT access and kernel compatibility for SWAP

You will need a minimal Class 4 SD card. For best results, we recommend using a higher class microSD card.

Check the compatibility of your device and install “Swap”

  • Download MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check and launch the application.
  • Allow the application to use SuperUser rights.
  • Click on “Roehsoft ramexpander test” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the SDCard or ExtSDCard.
  • Press “Click to result”.
  • If you see Congratulations displayed, the device is compatible with the Swap technology.
  • Download ROEHSOFT RAM-EXPANDER (SWAP) then start the application.
  • Give root permissions and choose your language (you can choose between English, German and French).
  • Use the SWAP cursor and select the amount of the partition you want to use.
  • Press on “Optimal Values” to automatically adjust the settings to get the best performance.
  • Also “Automatic management” must be enabled.
  • Only click on “Swap active” to activate the swap.

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