5 Best password manager software for Windows and Mac

Who often uses the internet knows how important it is to protect your login and passwords to the sites you visit most, as well as credentials for credit cards and online accounts, sometimes, however, they are so many that you may forget or lose some of them, so we offer you the best programs to manage passwords.

These are software designed to allow the user to order and store all the passwords that you usually use on the Internet, through a simple and immediate management system.

Most programs to manage passwords provide a database, also divided into tabs, in which to save all credentials, and then protect everything with a general password.

Below we will find some of the best programs to manage passwords on computers and Macs, developed specifically to protect the user’s privacy and raise the level of security related to the management of their data.


DashLane is one of the best programs to manage passwords, it is a password manager, that is, a tool that allows, by setting a single password, to store many others.
The service is available in the free version and in the Premium version: in the Free account you can use the autologin, the digital wallet and the local AES-265 encryption, while in the Premium account, you have the same things plus the possibility to use the synchronization in the cloud with all devices and a greater level of archiving online security as well as access to a fast support in case of problems.

DashLane is available as a plugin for the most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, both on Windows and Mac, as an app for PC and Mac and as an app for iOS and Android.


LastPass is a famous password management service that allows you to save in a digital database, all the access data that are usually used on the Internet for sites, forums, social networks, but also to keep credit card credentials and online accounts.

LastPass is compatible with the main browsers, with the possibility of synchronizing data via the Internet on all the browsers and computers used by the same user.

It is possible to automatically log in to a site without having to manually enter the credentials.

The program is free for those who need basic functions, while to access the advanced ones it is possible to subscribe.


KeePass is one of the best programs to manage passwords, a free tool highly appreciated by users, especially thanks to the simple and intuitive interface.

It takes very little to understand the structure and use KeePass at its best; like all the software of this kind, it allows to store in a database protected by keyword, all the passwords that are usually used on the web.

It also has a tool to generate secure passwords, import and export data and more; KeePass is available for Windows but also for Mac OS X in a version called KeePass X.


1Password is one of the most complete and best programs to manage passwords on PCs and mobile devices; the many consents obtained over time are due to the excellent operation but also to a very simple user interface that allows its use even for the less experienced.

This program allows you to keep password access to sites, online services, applications and much more, ensuring a high level of security, thanks to the ability to automatically generate complex passwords.

Compatible with all the most used browsers, it also allows you to save the access data or fill out the forms to log into a site with a single click. The program is available for Windows and Mac.

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager is a software to manage passwords that offers security and ease of use, allows you to securely store passwords, addresses and credit cards.

Moreover, it is possible to synchronize access data between computers and mobile devices, simplify access to the most visited websites by automatically filling in the login forms.

It is equipped with a complex password generator, in order to suggest the user the best and most difficult to violate; A free version and a Premium version are available: the first one allows to save and manage a certain number of passwords, while the second one offers an unlimited number of passwords, card data and addresses to be archived.

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