Install PES 2019 Options File To Have All Team Licenses

Here is the guide to install the options file in PES 2019 and have the complete and updated licenses of all the teams. Download options file for PES 2019 for Windows PC

PES 2019 File Options Download Installation – Patch and File Options PES 2019

Have you already bought PES 2019 for Windows PC? Are you already playing the new Konami football simulator just released on all platforms?

You will have surely noticed that the game does not have the license of all the teams and that, consequently, some teams have fictitious names, they play in invented stadiums and they do not have a real logo.

How to have original teams with real names and logos in PES 2019

If this annoys you and you want to have all the original teams in PES 2019, do not worry.

Thanks to a particular file (file options) you can have all the original and official teams in PES 2019 in a simple, easy and fast way.

In fact, the new updated options file for PES 2019 is already available in record time, allowing you to have the original license of all the teams in PES 2019.

Let’s not waste of time and see how to easily download and install the options file in PES 2019 to have all the original and official teams, with their respective logos and real colors. 

How to install option files in PES 2019 Windows PC

Obviously, since this is a modification made by fans, this file options is NOT original and is NOT released by Konami.  After all, if Konami had been licensed by all the teams, it would have included them in the final version of the game.

But unfortunately as we anticipated some teams did not give their license to PES 2019, so the users intervened, who created an additional file that allows you to update the names and logos of all the teams in the game.

Thanks to this file options, as promised, you can have all the teams and their real logos in PES 2019.

But enough with the chatter, let’s see how to proceed with the simple guide to install the options file in PES 2019

You simply need:

  • download the file options from HERE
  • extract the contents of the folder into a new folder on the desktop
  • transfer these files to the “Steam/SteamApps/Common/Pro Evolution Soccer 2019” folder
  • replace files when asked by the system
  • start PES 2019 and enjoy the changes

Simple, easy and fast.

File options for full team license on PES – Video guide

If the textual procedure was not clear, here is a video that explains exactly all the steps to follow to install the options file in PES 2019.  Impossible to make mistakes!

And here in a few moments you have all the real and original teams in PES 2019.


For this article we have concluded.

Before leaving the page, however, here is some other additional information about the game.

PES 2019 on offer on the Humble Bundle

If you want to buy PES 2019 at the lowest price and take advantage of a super offer, you must absolutely run on the Humble Bundle, where you will find the game on offer for only 29 dollars.

This is a very interesting price for the PC digital version of the expected soccer game, right?

PES 2019 PC Windows requirements

Before buying the game, make sure that your PC is powerful enough to make it work without problems:

The novelties of PES 2019

Here is a video that shows all the main news of PES 2019. 

PES 2019 continues to evolve with a host of new features and improvements.

The new features include Visible Fatigue, which affects the performance and behavior of players in the field, new shooting mechanics and improved ball physics, the “Enlighten” software for an even more photorealistic visual effect; and for the first time, 4K HDR compatibility on all platforms.

PES 2019 will see the presence of the largest number of licenses, clubs and championships throughout the history of PES, the completely revised myClub mode and a new system of visual rendering of the players’ cards.

Cover PES 2019

Philippe Coutinho, star of FC Barcelona and world ambassador of PES 2019, will be on the cover of PES 2019.

A special edition with a current version of David Beckham will also be available.

PES 2019 Demo

If you are looking for information on the PES 2019 demo, you can find everything you need here:

When does PES 2019 come out?

Recall that the final version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 will arrive on August 30 on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Link Download PES Demo 2019

  • PES Demo 2019 | Xbox Store | Xbox Store,  Free
  • PES Demo 2019  | PlayStation 4 | PlayStation Store,  Free
  • PES Demo 2019  | PC | Steam, Free

PES 2019 news

If you want to discover other information and curiosities about PES 2019 you can read our dedicated article:

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