Why your phone is overheating and how to prevent it

The overheating of a phone can happen for many reasons and cause a lot of problems like performance drop to a shortening of the unit’s service life. In this text, know some tips to identify why your cell phone is getting too hot, learn how to remedy this situation and also how to avoid it.

Why your phone is overheating and how to prevent it
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Why does a cell phone Overheat?

Some factors can cause your cell phone to overheat. But in general, prolonged use should not be one of them. The main culprit is exposure to high temperatures, such as using the cell phone under strong sunshine on a hot day or leaving it in an enclosed car.

Battery defects can also lead to overheating. But, in this case, it is necessary to have recourse to the authorized technical assistance to replace it; as well as defective chargers.

There are some cases where a cell phone can overheat due to usage which is not a common scenario depending on the circumstances.

Some situations may help to cause overheating:

  • Leave Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on when not in use;
  • Rotate games and heavy apps for a long time;
  • Record videos at high resolutions or stream video for a long time;
  • The brightness of the screen is set to maximum;
  • The cell phone cover does not have adequate ventilation outlets;
  • The charger is defective or not supplied with the phone.

Heavy tasks tend to require more of old models or with fewer features, causing heat. However, do not confuse heating with overheating.

The cell phone gets hot during use or while charging is normal. But if it gets so hot you can not handle it, then we have a problem. Some malware can also slow down and overheat your phone. So beware of the apps you install.

Preventing Overheating on Your Cell Phone

  • Avoid using the cell phone under the strong sun;
  • Do not leave the phone inside your car closed on hot days;
  • Take regular breaks during game matches, recordings, and video broadcasts;
  • Avoid using your phone while it is charging;
  • Always use the charger that came with the phone and check if it is not overheating (faulty);
  • Avoid installing strange apps, which may contain malware, outside the official store.

My cell phone overheated. And now?

If your phone is suffering from overheating, do the following:

  1. Turn off the phone and unplug it (if charging);
  2. Remove the cover or case (if any);
  3. Keep it in a cool place away from the sun or strong light until it cools.

Also avoid resting it on cold stone tables or benches if you have a glass back, this may cause a thermal shock and cause cracking in the body of the appliance.

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