Picture-in-Picture arrives on Chrome: how to activate it

Chrome 70 implements picture-in-picture: here’s how to activate it on YouTube (and other sites). Finally, the Picture-in-Picture arrives on Chrome: how to activate it

Picture-in-Picture on Google Chrome: how to use it

What is it and how to activate the picture in picture mode for YouTube videos with Chrome 70 and later.

Great news come for all users who use Chrome as an internet browser, ie as a program to browse the internet.

For some days, with the arrival of Chrome version 70, Google has made available for all the picture-in-picture function, which finally allows you to produce a video in a small computer window that is placed as a layer in the foreground allowing you to continue working in the background.

Taking a concrete example, thanks to the picture-in-picture you can watch a YouTube video in a small window to be placed in a corner of the screen, while you continue to browse the internet, to run on Facebook, to reply to emails or to do some do you want.

A function that has been waiting for a long time, which is finally a reality on Chrome for Windows PC and Mac. 

Yes, because the picture-in-picture on Android (at least for YouTube ) has been available for a long time, but only for users who use YouTube Music Premium (paid); all the others, however, must resort to third-party apps that still work well.

But let’s not waste time and focus on picture-in-picture in Chrome for PC and Mac. 

NOTE: I know that on Opera this feature has been available for years and that there were third-party alternatives to get the PIP on Chrome, but this guide explains how to do it in an official way

Picture-in-Picture on Chrome: what can you do?

As anticipated, thanks to this news we can, while watching a video on YouTube, even live, not only switch to other tabs of the browser but run any other application: the movie selected on YouTube will continue to be played in a corner of the screen.

Obviously the box in which the YouTube video is contained can be placed anywhere and can be resized simply by performing a drag operation on the edges.

Picture-in-Picture on Chrome: how to activate it

Here is a video that clearly explains the steps to follow. It’s really easy, just simply have version 70 of Chrome (or following) on Windows PC, Mac and Linux. 

If the video was not clear enough, here is the explanation and the written guide.

To activate the picture in picture function, simply right-click on the video played on YouTube. A context menu similar to the following will appear.

At this point you will have to click again with the right button on the video to find the new command or  Picture in picture.

By default, the video playing will appear in a frame in the lower right corner of the screen, while the phrase “This video is played in Picture in Picture mode” will appear above the video posted on the YouTube page.

A new icon will appear on the corresponding tab confirming the activation of the picture in picture mode.

Picture-in-Picture on Chrome: compatible sites

Unfortunately, Chrome’s picture in picture mode is currently only compatible with YouTube videos. Soon many other sites will be supported, but for now we have this limit.

I remember before concluding that the picture-in-picture is available on Chrome 70 for Windows, MacOS and Linux; Ironically, the new functionality has not yet been implemented on ChromeOS, let’s assume it will be available soon.

Have you already tried the Picture-in-Picture on Chrome? What do you think about it? Do you consider it a useful or useless function? Let us know in the comments at the end of the article!

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