Play Fortnite On Android in Rooted Android Phone

Fortnite Android does not work if you have root permissions? Here’s how to solve the problem!

Let’s go back to talk about  Fortnite for Android, the newest game that was among the most anticipated of the year and that since yesterday is finally available on Android. 

We have already dedicated several articles to Fortnite for Android, which you can find here in case you missed them:

Today, however, we come back again to talk about Fortnite for Android because finally it was discovered a method to play Fortnite even with active root.

As you know, if you rooted your smartphone or Android tablet, Fortnite does not allow you to play. A pity, also because, even with the active root, it is not possible in any way to cheat, cheat or get advantages in Fortnite.

In short, there is no real reason to prevent the root player from playing Fortnite on Android. Yet at the moment the situation is like this.

Fortunately, however, today there is an alternative solution that also allows those who have the active root to play Fortnite on Android.

If you too, on your Android smartphone or tablet, have unlocked and obtained root rights, today we’ll explain how to play Fortnite anyway without losing the root. 

We do not waste time and we immediately start to see how to take advantage of Magisk to play Fortnite Android even with active root permissions.

Play Fortnite Android with active root permissions

As we anticipated, according to what is apparent from the official FAQ of Fortnite for AndroidEpic Games does not allow you to use rooted devices to play. 

A pity for all lovers of customization on Android.

Fortunately, however, even if you have the root rights active on your Android smartphone, thanks to our guide you can still start the game without any kind of problem or difficulty.

But enough with the chatter, let’s start with the guide!

IMPORTANT: the procedure described in this guide requires you to perform complex operations that, if done incorrectly, could damage your smartphone. Do it all taking on all the risks involved and only if you have a good experience in modding

Procedure to follow

Here are the steps to put in place to play Fortnite on Android with active root rights:

  • open Magisk Manager and go to Settings
  • under Update Channel, click on Custom (custom)
  • then add the following URL
  • now restart the Manager app and install the latest version of Canary
  • open Magisk Manager again and select the item Hide Magisk in the menu
  • select Fortnite Mobile now and start the game

Done: now you’re ready to play Fortnite on Android even with active root rights. You can play your favorite game without giving up the root and personalization of your smartphone.

Simple, easy and fast.