Unlock 60 FPS In Fortnite For Android To Play Better

How to play 60 FPS in Fortnite for Android

Let’s go back to talk about Fortnite for Android, the newest game that was among the most anticipated of the year and that since yesterday is finally available on Android. 

We have already dedicated several articles to Fortnite for Android, which you can find here in case you missed them:

Today, however, we come back again to talk about Fortnite for Android because I propose a spectacular guide that will allow you to play 60 FPS on your smartphone.

60 FPS in Fortnite for Android: how to do?

As anticipated, thanks to this guide we will see how to unlock the game at 60 frames per second on Fortnite for Android. 

In this way the gaming experience will be much smoother, fun, smoother, “regular” and could even allow you to win more easily and defeat enemies with less difficulty. 

As you know, the more the game turns smooth and fluid, the more you play well. And since we’re talking about a shooter against everyone with 100 players, even a few frames per second can make the difference.

Considering that with this guide we double them (going from 25-30 to 60 FPS), you can well understand what advantages you can get from this change! 

That said, just don’t waste time and let’s see how to unlock the 60 FPS mode in Fortnite for Android. 

The guide

The steps to be performed are few, simple and quick:

Step 1:-

Procured a file manager if your Android smartphone has already installed it ( RECOMMEND THIS )

Step 2:-

At this point, open it and go to the Android folder> data > com.epicgames.fortnite> files> UE4Game> FortniteGame> FortniteGame> Saved> Config> Android> GameUserSettings.ini and open the file in bold

Step 3:-

Change the values like this:

bShowFPS = True | used to view FPS in the lobby)

MobileFPSMode = Mode_60Fps | serves to activate 60 FPS)

Step 4:-

Save everything and play Fortnite with 60 FPS

If it was not clear, this video shows all the steps:


  • if you change the video settings within Fortnite, the file is reset and you have to edit it again
  • To speed up even more Fortnite on Android and make it smoother and faster, you can turn off v-sync and motion blur in the file we opened earlier.


Now you’re ready to enjoy Fortnite for Android at 60 FPS.


We have concluded with this new article on Fortnite.

If the guide works, leave a comment at the end of the article to let us know.

In case of doubts or questions, always leave a comment at the end of the article.

Have fun!

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