How Many Gigabytes of Internet Fortnite Consume?

Internet and GB data from Fortnite

Are you ready to go on summer holidays, but just can not stop playing Fortnite for iOS or Nintendo Switch? 

You do not want to get away from Fortnite even while you’re at the beach, at the beach, at the pool or in the mountains?

Before disconnecting the WiFi of your smartphone and playing Fortnite on the go, using the jigs of your internet connection, read the article.

We will go and find out how many gigs and internet data are used by Fortnite when you play without WiFi, then using the data connection of your smartphone.

In this way, you will know exactly how much internet gig it consumes Fortnite on iOS (also with use in tethering and hotspot) and you will avoid to remain without connection data on your smartphone just in the moment in which you serve more.

But enough with the chatter, let’s answer the questions we asked ourselves at the beginning of the article.

How much internet gig consumes Fortnite for iOS?

Fortunately, the game Fortnite for iOS consumes very little.

1 hour of play consumes about 17 MB, so basically nothing. Using Spotify for 1 hour consumes more, just to make a quick comparison.

So you can play Fortnite on iOS for as long as you want without worrying about being without the internet, even while you’re on vacation and you do not have WiFi available.

If your smartphone internet plan also includes only 4-5 gigabytes of Internet, you do not have to worry: with Fortnite consuming only 17 MB per hour you can play as long as you want without having to worry about terminating your data plan.

How much does Fortnite use when using the smartphone for hotspot and tethering to play Nintendo Switch?

The speech does not change.

Also choosing to use iPhone in tethering and hotspot to play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, the data traffic is very low: it is only 22 MB per hour. 

Things do not change on PS4: the consumption of internet data, if you use iPhone in tethering or hotspot, remains very low.

How much internet gig consumes Fortnite for Android?

It would be nice to know, but for now Fortnite is not available on Android. Will arrive soon, in the coming weeks, but for now we have no idea how much it can consume Fortnite on Android, although I think that the consumption of internet data is identical to that of iOS and iPhone.

In case of news, however, we will update the article with more accurate data.


In short, in conclusion, you can safely play Fortnite even on vacation, on the move, either from your smartphone or your console without worrying about consuming all the data and the internet jigs of the connection of your smartphone.

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