Fortnite Android APK Download: Everything you need to know

Download Fortnite Android When?

While iOS users have been able to play the famous Fortnite title on the iPhone for several days, Android users are still waiting for the game to land on the Play Store.

Unfortunately though, at least for the moment, we do not know when Fortnite for Android will be released.

Of course, the fact that Fortnite for iOS has already been made available for download for everyone certainly leaves hope and makes us imagine that the wait for the arrival of Fortnite on Android is not yet very long, but to date the developers have not communicated about any date for the release of the game.

Fortnite Android release – when?

The Epic developers at the moment have simply reported that the game Fortnite for Android is under development and will be released in the coming months. They also added that it will be possible to exploit the cross play between one platform and another, but for now they have not unbuttoned further.

Unfortunately, as anticipated, to date there is no precise date for the release of Fortnite for Android, although we expect to be able to play on our devices by summer 2018. 

Probably, at least at the beginning, Fortnite for Android will only be available by invitation, as has happened for the iOS version. Of course, the invitations lasted only a few days, then the title was made available to everyone, but it is easy to imagine that even on Android the launch of the game can take place in the same way.

Before leaving the article, some other interesting info on Fortnite for Android. 

What is Fortnite?

Remember, for those who do not know, that Fortnite is a multiplatform online game.

The aim is to stay alive in a 100 vs. 100 battle. You will always have to stay in the eye of the storm, trying to kill the enemy and trying to survive until the last minute.

Fortnite is set in our day, when a sudden storm in the whole world makes 98% of the population disappear and the zombie-like creatures increase to attack all the others.

In the game you can participate in the individual missions along with three other players, who cooperate on randomly generated maps to collect resources, build fortifications around defensive targets, protect survivors and build weapons and traps to fight zombies. Players get rewards through these missions to improve their characters.

A fun and exciting game, which finally also lands on our phones!

The version for iOS has the same gameplay, the same maps and the same contents updated periodically of the PC and console version.

Where to download Fortnite for iPhone?

You can download the game from the App Store for free:


The game requires an Internet connection and iPhone 6S / SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 with iOS 11 or later.

Fortnite Android Download

We talked about it at the beginning of the article: we still have no certain news about the release of the version for Android, but we are sure that we will not have to wait much longer.

Fortnite Android Play Store

When the game is released we will definitely find it on the Play Store. For now, however, we must be patient.

Fortnite Android APK

For now there is NO version of Fortnite for Android in APK format.

Stay away from all the sites that promise you to download Fortnite APK because it’s about fake programs, fake games or even malware and viruses. Eyes open!

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