Fortnite for Nintendo Switch arrives including Battle Royale

Fortnite, including Battle Royale, arrives on Nintendo Switch

Finally here we are!

After weeks of rumors and rumors, Nintendo has finally officially announced the edition Switch to Fortnite: the Battle Royale of Epic Games will be available for download on the hybrid console Kyoto company.

At has arrived on Nintendo eShop. It can be downloaded in totally free version and inside it will include a system of purchases in the app. 

So there is very little left to the official arrival of Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch! 

The game definitely needs no introduction, so let’s move on to the interesting part of the news.

There will be cross-play

The Switch version of Fortnite supports cross-play with all other platforms, with the exception of Playstation 4.

This means that those who download the title on the platform of Nintendo will be able to play freely against users with a copy for PC, Xbox One and iOS and Android devices (this last edition will be launched during the summer).

It will not be possible to play with those who use Fortnite on PS4. Weird choice.

There will be weekly updates

As with the other editions of the game, Fortnite on Nintendo Switch will consistently receive weekly updates and new game modes, which will keep the experience exciting for both veterans and new players.

Will you download the game?

In any case, what do you think of this news? Will you download Fortnite on Switch? Let us know in the comments!

Fortnite Nintendo Switch – Trailer

As we can see from the trailer, Fortnite will offer the complete battle royale experience for all owners of Nintendo Switch, so we will have all the content released so far for the famous mode that is popular all over the world. We can also play in the company of our friends in the same room or with users all over the world.

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