Fortnite Lag Problem, What to do?

What to do if Fortnite lags

Today we return to talk about Fortnite, one of the most popular games, used and widespread in the world at this time.

What is Fortnite?

If you lived under a stone until yesterday, I remind you briefly that Fortnite is a third-person FPS in classes where a team works in multiplayer to create a base during the day and defend it at night from hordes of enemies.

The game has a cartoonish style and seems to be inspired by Team Fortress 2.

Fortnite is a purely cooperative game and each player must find their role in defending the base, collecting materials from the surrounding environment and from enemies. The game world is randomly created with each game, which requires 14 days of survival from monstrous wave of monsters.

Just for information, to date Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world on any platform.

Fortnite lag Problem

Being a game that uses the internet connection to work, you may come across lag and slowdown in Fortnite. 

Unfortunately, there are many fans of this adventure who often find themselves facing a very hot lag that blocks their game.

If this happened to you, here in this guide we will explain how to solve the Fortnite lag.

How not to lump on Fortnite

As anticipated, many users have come across this annoying problem: Fortnite lag problem and does not allow you to continue playing smoothly.

If you have also encountered this problem, you must first check for any updates to the game by closing it and checking in the launcher if a new update is available. A possible update probably helps to solve problems.

If there are no updates, the second thing to do is obviously to check the internet connection, checking the loading time of the pages on the browser and if necessary, by pinging Windows.

If even the internet connection is OK, then you have to check that there are no programs or applications in the background that take up too much RAM, processor, video card or computer resources in general.

I also recommend using a program like CCleaner to verify that the PC is clean and does not have malware or viruses that block it, or that there are no problems with the registry or some other software impediment that creates problems and delays in Fortnite. 

Another important test to do is the game server. In fact, sometimes, if the Fortnite server is too far from your country, problems of lag and various slowdowns could arise. To change the server on which you are running the game, you have to enter the settings of Fortnite and select a location near the one where you are.

If after all these tests the problem of clicks and lag of Fortnite remains, try the most radical solution: close the game and restart the computer, reopen Fortnite and try again to play.

If after all these tests the lag remain, maybe it is just Fortnite to have connection problems at that time, so bear with patience and you’ll see that in a few minutes/hour the lag will disappear.

Alternatively, if possible, try using Fortnite on another computer or device to check if the lag problems are due to your device or game.


We concluded with this article on Fortnite. See you next time and have fun!

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