Map Fortnite Vending Machines

Recognizable by their distinctive sound, audible both in the distance and through the walls, Fortnite vending machines are a huge possibility for those who have been unlucky with the loot, but who are in possession of a huge amount of building materials.

Are you looking for the updated map with all the vending machines scattered around Fortnite? You’re in the right place!

Below, in fact, you can find the map where all the vending machines discovered until today in Fortnite have been highlighted

In this way, in case of need, you can easily identify the vending machines (the classic “machines”) to sell the items you have collected during your game sessions and buy weapons and other improvements for your character. Thanks to the Automatic Distributors, which are located in various points on the map, you can get rid of the excess materials obtaining objects and weapons in return. Useful!

If you do not want to waste time wandering around the map looking for unique weapons and you’ve accumulated enough items to sell to buy them, check out the Fortnite vending machine map! 

In the map that you find below are highlighted as many as 30 easily accessible vending machines that will help you simplify your gaming sessions and in particular to buy new and powerful weapons to defeat opponents. 

As you can see, usually these vending machines are close enough to resources ready to be collected (metal or wood for example) that will allow you to earn money and coins to be turned into weapons. 

I recommend, if you gather resources near a vending machine pay attention to the enemies that could come and kill you suddenly. Usually in fact around the vending machines are several players and then it will be easy to kill or be killed. 

That said, I leave you to the updated map with Fortnite vending machines. 

Fortnite: where to find vending machines and how they work

Map of Fortnite Vending Machines Location of vending machines on Fortnite

As you can see from the image, the distributors are spread uniformly inside the map. Many of them are also located near buildings to be demolished, if you need materials.

How do vending machines work in Fortnite?

Before closing the article, I remind you briefly that these machines allow you to exchange resources with exclusive and unique weapons. 

Indicatively you have to spend 100 to 500 resources to buy weapons at vending machines, so, as mentioned above, you will need sufficient resources before you can make purchases. 

Fortnite vending machines are of various types:

  • Objects in the Common version ( white ) cost 100 materials
  • Objects in Uncommon ( green ) versions cost 200 materials
  • Rare ( blue ) items cost 300 materials
  • Objects in Epic version ( purple ) cost 400 materials
  • Objects in the Legendary ( gold ) version cost 500 materials

Inside they usually find 3 products of equal rarity and level. Depending on the color of the distributor you will immediately know what kind of weapon is contained within it. 

The proposed objects flow on the Distributor’s display one at a time, but it is possible to speed up the sliding with a nice pick of a pickaxe. In addition there is no purchase limit: you can get all the items you want until the materials in your possession run out.

To make purchases from a vending machine in Fortnite you do not have to do is:

  • get close to the resources you have
  • interact with the machine to make the purchase
  • a popup will appear that will let you choose the product to buy and in a few moments you can start using it

Simple, easy and fast!

Vending machines: questions and tricks

Q:  Is there a limit to the number of things you can buy?

No. Materials permitting, you can go on forever.

Q :  The distributor is slow, can you speed up?

Sure. With a shot of pickaxe you can give a little help to the machine.

Q :  Can weapons of different rarity be found in a single vending machine?

No. Every distributor has only one color weapons and gadgets.

Q :  Are there distributors with more than three weapons? 

No. Each machine has only 3 objects, interspersed with a few seconds.

Q :  Where are the best vending machines?

Although the position is fixed, their degree, as well as their content, is random therefore there is no precise answer to this question.


We concluded with this article on Fortnite. See you next time and have fun!


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