Why I Can not Share Posts in My Instagram Stories?

Instagram allows you to re-share users’ posts within Stories, but not all of them have this function. How to share an Instagram post in the stories?

Unable to share Instagram posts in Stories

Let’s go back to talking about Instagram and its problems regarding the application available for Android. 

In fact, today I want to try to respond to all users who are trying to share Instagram posts in the Stories, but they can not do it. 

A few weeks ago, as you probably know, the social network dedicated to photographs has launched the possibility to transform posts into stickers to insert them into the Stories. 

This makes it easy for users to re-share and repost Instagram posts within their own Stories.

Too bad that this feature is not available for many users, especially those who have an Android smartphone.

But let’s proceed with order.

How can I share someone’s post from the feed in my Instagram story?

The use is very simple and fast, provided of course you have the function enabled.

If you have this feature enabled on your smartphone or Instagram account, to re-share or republish someone’s post on Instagram in your Stories, simply follow these guidelines:

  1. Tap below the photo or video in the feed.
  2. Touch Add post to your story.

At this point you can select the new option that will essentially allow you to create a new story, turning the post of the feed into a sticker with a custom background that can be shared.

Like other stickers, this can also be rotated, resized, moved and customized anyway.

Keep in mind that when you share someone’s post in your story, anyone viewing it can see who originally posted it and can see it on the original account.

Simple, easy and fast.

Too bad that not everyone can take advantage of this feature which is not available on all accounts or on all smartphones.

It all depends on Instagram, which links this function to each individual account: some have the function, others do not.

Why can not I share posts in my stories on Instagram?

As anticipated, this new feature should already be available for all Instagram accounts and for all Android and iOS users.

I speak to the conditional because many people still can not share posts in Instagram Stories. 

If you do not see or find the function to reshare post in the Instagram Stories, be patient: it could arrive in the next days/weeks.

But I can not assure you.

Unfortunately, you must know that Instagram does NOT make many new features available to many accounts, for no apparent reason.

There are still many who do not have polls on Instagram, just to give an example, despite having been released for several months.

As there are many users who can not share, publish or reshare posts within the Stories. 

If you also have this problem, there are not many tips to give you to solve it.

Unfortunately, everything depends on Instagram and when it decides to activate this feature to all accounts and on all smartphones.

You do not need to change your phone or update Instagram to the latest version available: if you do not have this function, it is the fault of Instagram that has to enable it on your account.

Trying to create a new Instagram account, you’ll see that on that new account the function will be available. But I’m sure you do not want to create a new Instagram account.

So at the moment you can only bring patience and hope that the function will soon arrive on your account.

I’m sorry, but I do not want to delude you, I do not want to waste your time: there are no other solutions at the moment. 


With this article we have concluded.

For any questions or concerns, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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