PlayStation 4 Pro Limited Edition: with 2TB and Transparent Blue

Sony announces the PlayStation 4 Pro Limited Edition to celebrate the 500 million consoles sold. 2TB Hard Disk and new and beautiful color

PlayStation 4 Pro Limited Edition: 2TB and Transparent Blue. It’s beautiful

Sony to celebrate the 500 million PlayStation 4 sold will put on sale next August 24, 2018 a Limited Edition of the PS4 Pro that looks more beautiful than ever.

Sony, which since 1994 has sold the beauty of 500 million PlayStation all over the world, wants to celebrate big and does it with a console with a 2TB hard disk and beautiful aesthetically.

The Sony PS4 Pro Limited Edition will have a beautiful transparent dark blue color with gold-colored inserts such as the PS logo and the keys.

The exclusive color of the console also includes a DualShock 4 controller always the same translucent color, PlayStation Camera in non-transparent blue color, headphones and vertical support base.

The PS4 Limited Edition console will be available in a limited edition of only 50,000 units and will be on sale in the US from August 24th at a price of $499, $100 more than the list price. We do not know if, how much and at what price this beautiful limited edition of the PlayStation 4 will arrive in our country.

Surely a nice idea from Sony that surely will make this particular and limited coloration of the PS4 Pro palatable as well as having a hard disk that is twice as large as the normal version.

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