Samsung Wireless Charger Duo is the antagonist of Apple’s AirPower that is late in coming out of the market: The Charging Base for smartphones and smartwatches is official

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo: Wireless charging base for smartphones and smartwatches together

Yesterday was the big day of the Galaxy Note 9 and also of the Galaxy Watch, Samsung during the New York event also presented the Wireless Charger Duo, which is an induction base to charge both the smartphone and the smartwatch presented yesterday by Samsung.

The Wireless charging base, follows in the footsteps of the lost Apple AirPower, presented almost a year ago, and never released on the market that allowed to do the same thing as Samsung, and also to recharge the Apple AirPods headphones.

The Samsung Wireless Charger Duo allows you to simultaneously charge the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch resting on the appropriate housing. We do not know if the compatibility will be extended to other devices compatible with the Qi standard, or if the use of the convenient wireless charging base, will be made possible only to some devices of the South Korean house.

Although no dates, availability and selling price have been announced to the public, here is starting to speculate and perhaps the base could debut on the market by the end of September, where Apple will present the new iPhone and perhaps will make its base available.


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