Play your PC games from other store on Steam

It is possible to centralize your PC games on Steam, even those that depend on other stores to run. The Valve client allows you to create shortcuts for launchers and separate them into categories, making it much easier to organize your game library. See how to centralize your games on Steam from Epic Games, Origin, Ubi and etc.

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How to centralize your PC games on Steam

Steam allows customers to centralize games such as Epic Games Store, Origin, Ubi Store,, and even games that do not depend on customers, such as the former independent executables; Steam does not take control of such games, however.

What it does is create shortcuts to other stores through your own customer, so you just need to open an interface and have everything within reach. DRM protections prevent Steam from being able to play games from other stores directly, so you still have to open two clients, Steam and another, to access certain games.

To centralize your games on Steam, do the following:

  1. Open Steam and click “Add game”;
  2. Click on “Add a non-Steam game”;
  3. In the list, check the box next to each game client that appears;
  4. Click “Add selected (s)”;
  5. Locate one of the customers in the list and right-click on it;
  6. Click “Add to”, “New collection”;
  7. Enter a name for the new collection and click “Create collection”;
  8. To include other customers, right-click on each one, then “Add to” and the name of the collection you created.

In doing so, you will have created a separate category for Steam games, just for other game store customers within the Valve app, making the process of finding customers easier. Again, this method only allows you to open launchers, not games directly.

The only exception is for games that are installed directly on the computer, and that do not depend on stores to run; in this case, when adding them to Steam and opening them, they will be executed directly, but as shortcuts and not by the Valve client.