Pokemon Sword and Shield: unvieled here is everything you need to know

Pokémon Sword and Shield: The eighth generation unveiled. Coming titles for Nintendo Switch, here are all the news on release, price and much more.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: unvieled here is everything you need to know
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During the Nintendo Direct dedicated to Pokémon Day they were revealed two new game titles PokémonPokémon Sword and Shield will arrive on Nintendo with the eighth generation of pocket monsters and a brand new region to explore. Let’s discover together releasestarterregion and all the news on Pokémon Shield and Pokémon Sword.

Pokémon Shield and Sword news: the Galar region

The region of Galar
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The region of Galar

After the success of Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu, it’s time to make room for two new titles! The new Nintendo Switch games will be set in a brand new region, which was shown in the presentation video. Among luxurious metropolis, snow-capped mountains, lush green plains and rich mines of precious stones, the region of Galar expands vertically. Pokémon Sword and Shield offer players an unprecedented environment in which to find new monsters.

The people and Pokémon that live in Galar work together to develop local industries. During his travels the player will have the opportunity to visit various gyms while pursuing the title of Champion! It will not be alone, however, since at Galar living of Pokémon discovered recently including sweets starter of the eighth generation!

Pokémon Sword and Scudo news: the eighth generation starters

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Here it is revealed the first Pokémon of the eighth generation: the Grookey starter for the Grass-type, Scorbunny for the Fire type and Sobble for the type water.

The player will be able to choose Grookey, a Grass-type Chimpanzee Pokémon, he is a fluffy with a boundless curiosity. Or will its gaze settle on the Scorbunny type of Fire Pokémon, is it full of energy and always running around here and there? Its choice could eventually fall on Sobble, the Water-type Lizard, it is a bit shy and launches attacks remaining hidden in the water.

Sword and Shield Pokémon when it will release? The release date

So when does Pokémon Sword and Shield come out? During the Pokémon Direct on June 5th it was revealed that the release date will be November 15, 2019. The game will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

As revealed during the Pokémon Direct, this will not be the only news that the year will bring with it, so fans can expect great things.

Pokémon Sword and Shield how much does it cost? The price

The final price of the Pokémon Sword and Shield games has not yet been revealed as they are still under development. Pre-orders have been opened for the two new Nintendo Switch titles on Amazon. However the price shown is the maximum one for Switch games, or 53.99 dollars and will certainly suffer a drop. As soon as there will be news we will update you.

In addition to the two basic versions, a double pack will also be released containing Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. This set will include the two eighth-generation games and a fabulous golden steelbook depicting the two legendaries: Zacian and Zamazenta.

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