How to print web pages without ads and images

In this guide, we will see how you can remove ads and useless images from web page before printing. Let’s see how to print web pages without ads

How many times have you had to print web pages for the most disparate reasons? And how many times have you seen yourself forced to print a lot of pages due to images and advertisements that are unnecessarily present?

Today I want to offer you the ultimate solution to print everything you want, saving an avalanche of pages.

Such as?

Simply thanks to a website that allows you to print web pages without images, without photos and without unnecessary advertising. 

Quiet, you do not need to be an expert user or a computer engineer. Just follow a few simple steps to print all web pages without ads, without photos and without images.

As if by magic, the site that I will report will remove all that is not needed from your web pages, leaving only the text. And in an instant you can print what you want, saving a lot of pages and doing a big favor to the environment.
But now enough with the chatter, let’s get into action!

How to print a web page without unnecessary advertisements and graphic elements

All you need to do to achieve your goal is:

  • open the web page you want to print
  • copy your address from the top bar
  • go HERE
  • in the page that opens, paste the previously copied link in the space provided
  • press PREVIEW
  • make sure the site has effectively deleted all images and advertisements. If not, click on images or advertisements (just 1 click per image) to delete them from the file that will be printed
  • when you are satisfied with the result, click on PRINT on the top left


Now enjoy your printed web page without unnecessary images, photos and advertisements. 

Simple, easy and fast, as promised!

In case you have not noticed, please note that by clicking on the appropriate icons in the Print Friendly toolbar, you can:

  • print the web page only for text
  • create a PDF file of the web page
  • send as much as emailed

Plugin for internet browser

Finally, I add that Print Friendly is also available as an extension of the internet browser.

This means that if you use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari to surf the internet, you can download and install the extension on the internet browser to take advantage of all the features offered by Print Friendly without having to access the site.

Thanks to the plugin/extension for internet browsers, just browse on a page you want to print without images and advertising, click on the plugin and you can start printing “lightened” in one click, saving even more time and steps.


I would say that with this article we have concluded.

For any questions or concerns, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For today we have concluded. See you next time! 

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