How to Protect your smartphone from water on the beach or pool

We all like to enjoy our smartphone on the beach or by the pool, taking photos, listening to music or chatting. Despite this, these places are not the best place to use the phone, since some external agents can endanger their integrity: sun, sand … and enemy number one, water.

What to do when the smartphone gets wet?

Is your smartphone water resistant?

The latest smartphone models have IP certifications, which classify them as water resistant. If you really do not want to risk, extra protection does not hurt at all. Therefore, we would like to recommend these 3 options for your device to allow you to survive this summer and then return to your office or university with the same impeccable smartphone as ever. For this purpose, We have also written a separate detailed guide on best waterproof smartphones for you to choose your next phone carefully.

Protect your smartphone from water

IPX8 FitFort waterproof case: the ideal ally

If your intent is to protect your device and guarantee 100% security wherever you go, it will always be better to use extra protection. For this reason, FitfFort has expanded its range of covers to keep your smartphone safe from splashes and prevent it from coming into contact with water, as well as sand and sun.

This waterproof case allows you to protect your smartphone and at the same time take pictures, capture video and perform any tactile action. It also has the IPX8 certification that guarantees complete protection.

Liquipel: waterproof your smartphone, wherever it is possible

Another option is that proposed by Liquipel, a US company that allows you to waterproof a smartphone through a protective layer that covers the most sensitive electronic components. This nanometric coating, and therefore invisible to the human eye, does not affect the appearance of your cell phone, but protects it from the harmful effects that can bring water and moisture.

Beach Buoy: to submerge up to 5 meters when recording a video or taking a picture

When we go to the beach there are many threats to our smartphone: sand, humidity and water. For this reason, the Beach Buoy covers were created in the market, designed specifically to use our smartphone safely without worrying about sketches.

Now, besides being able to immerse our device for a total of 5 meters of depth, we can continue to take our photos or videos thanks to its tactile action. As if this were not enough, it has a mechanism that works like a buoy (as the name suggests) to float on water and is easier to find in case of loss.

And you? How do you protect your smartphone from water?

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