Put Facebook stickers and Emoticons on photos with the Sticker app

The new Facebook Stickers for Messenger app allows you to put writings, stickers and emoticons on top of photos to create cute photomontages

To celebrate the Christmas holidays 2014 Facebook has launched a new application that allows you to take pictures and add a smiley face or sticker to make it nice and then share it with friends.

The stickers are the same that can be inserted in Facebook Messenger messages and in comments to Facebook posts, only this time they can be put on a photo to make it super funny, depending on your point of view.

The application is called Stickered for Messenger, was available for Android and iPhone, but today is integrated into Messenger.

The app opens the camera of the smartphone putting the smiley face on the frame.
This can be enlarged or reduced with the fingers, moved where you want or even tilted.
Touching the + at the top right, the list of stickers opens, divided into categories.

You can then choose the face, the emoticon or the sticker to put on the picture and you can stick as many as you want, positioning them in a friendly way

Touching the Aa button at the top left in the list of stickers makes possible to write a word or a message on the photo.

To delete an emoticon already inserted, just touch it and then press the trash can on the top left.

After taking the picture you can still edit it to change or add more sticky or word by tapping the button on the bottom right.

In the end, the photo can be sent to one or more friends through Facebook Messenger, in a private message.

Nothing prevents then, of course, that who receives it or who sends it can save the photo on his smartphone to share it on Facebook.

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