Reasons why you should use Free Themes on WordPress

Free Themes vs Paid Themes for WordPress

WordPress allows you to customize the design very easily and in a few clicks you will install one of the free themes available on the WordPress share that makes available several hundred free themes for customizing our website in a few steps.

Unfortunately, it is not always gold that glitters, and the free themes also hide dangerous pitfalls behind.

Let’s find out in detail.

Do not install Free Themes on WordPress

A free theme for WordPress is the first step for all those people who do not want to spend money to customize the graphics of the website, but the use of free themes implies some sacrifices and problems.

  • Almost all Free themes integrate an encrypted code called Base64 that could hide Malware, iFrame and javascript whose reliability can not be known and therefore can be very dangerous. An attacker could enter your web space and manage the site.
  • Free themes and Plugins can contain viruses and it is always better to download and install themes from the official share and not from alternative and unreliable websites.
  • The free themes are often not updated and left to themselves, without implementations of new features.
  • Almost absence of documentation.
  • Fewer security protections.
  • Forget the support if you have compatibility problems with some plugins.
  • HTML and CSS validation almost absent. So poor search engine optimization.
  • Free themes are poorly optimized, slow and with longer loading times compared to a premium theme.

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