How to record a phone call on iPhone | iPhone X , iPhone 8 in 2018

Unfortunately, iOS does not provide a function to record phone calls made with the iPhone. However, we can turn to third-party solutions that allow us to succeed in our intent.

So let’s see how to record phone calls with our iPhone.

How to record iPhone phone calls

As we said earlier, Apple does not provide any tools suitable for our purpose. However, we can point to alternative methods that we list below.

Call Recorder Unlimited


It is an application that allows us to record incoming and outgoing phone calls. The files obtained from the recording can be safely saved on the local memory. A very interesting feature is the ability to literally transcribe the recorded conversation.

It is also made with a simple, modern and very intuitive interface to make it suitable for everyone.

Call Recorder can be downloaded for free but requires a subscription of € 1.99 a month to be used.

DOWNLOAD | Call Recorder Unlimited


It is an application that allows us to record incoming and outgoing calls without time limits. Once the recording has started, you can leave it active in the background. The files will be saved on the device’s local memory and we will be able to share them via Dropbox, Drive, E-Mail, Twitter and Facebook.

There are two versions of the application, one is Lite and another is Pro. The Lite allows you to try the service. Instead, the Pro version can be purchased at a price of € 10.99 to be able to fully enjoy the service.

DOWNLOAD | TapeACall Lite || DOWNLOAD | TapeACall Pro

Other methods

In addition to the applications available on the App Store, there are other ways to record incoming and outgoing calls. Let’s see what they are together.



If you have an iPhone with Jailbreak you must know that there is a tweak that allows us to record our phone calls. The tweak is called Call Recorder iOS and thanks to it you can record all the calls we want completely free. To install it just open Cydia and look for Call Record iOS.

At the beginning of each call, a red dot will appear with which to record. In addition, all the recordings will be saved in the tweak app and we can save them to the cloud or share them via email or text message.

Record hands-free

If you do not want to purchase the services of the applications that listed you before, there is another way. We can record phone calls with another smartphone while we have activated the speakerphone.

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