Spending free time reading a book is now an activity that many people perform maybe after a stressful day at work. Reading in general has exploded in recent times, especially after the birth and marketing of the Ebook Reader.

What are eBooks? For those who still do not know an ebook is simply a book in digital format that can be browsed and read just on devices created specifically to encourage this excellent pastime. Many books for these new devices are available for free online, but if you really want to read a Best Seller, there are many platforms that allow the purchase of these files.

But it could happen to have an ebook that has inside a kind of protection known as DRM and therefore obliges the reader to use a certain device to be able to open and browse the book (see Amazon ebook browsable only with Kindle Voyage).

What is this DRM protection? With the acronym DRM (Digital Rights Management) literally means the process of digital rights management, so it is a protection used by copyright holders to protect and administer their work in different digital environments.

So to get around this sort of protection, today we’ll show you how to remove DRM protection using software known as Caliber.

After hinting at the main content of today’s article, it’s time to present you with calibers and show you how to permanently eliminate DRM protection.

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Install Caliber Software

First of all let’s start by saying that Caliber is a software created essentially to manage the various aspects of each ebook and inside there are many features that allow you to take care of any element present.

To correctly install the caliber software on your PC, you have to proceed as described below (Process realized on mac but it is very similar also for the other OS):

  • Visit one of the links below to download the Software (select the link related to the used machine)
  • Wait a few moments for the Download to complete
  • Launch the downloaded file on your PC
  • In the new window choose the language and the destination folder of the software
  • Then select the brand and the type of device in possession
  • In the final dialog you are offered the possibility to view the software demo and to consult a user manual
  • Click on the End button

By following these simple steps, the caliber software will be installed correctly on our PC.

Download linkCaliber Windows –  Caliber iOS – Caliber Linux

Install DRM-remover Plug-in

After having seen in detail what is calibre and what is needed, we have reached the paragraph dedicated to the download and installation of the DRM-remover plugin to permanently eliminate that protection inside the ebook that does not allow to read it on different devices.

To install and configure the DRM plugin, simply follow all the steps collected and described below carefully:

  • Download the DRM plugin from the link provided below
  • Wait a few seconds for the download
  • Saved the ZIP file, you have to unpack it in another folder
  • There are 3 files in the ZIP
  • Start the previously installed caliber software
  • In the top menu select the Preferences item
  • In the new menu that appears, choose Change Caliber Behavior
  • In the new window select the Plugin icon
  • Choose the option below Upload Plugin from File
  • Open the DeDRM_plugin.zip file of the previously downloaded plugin
  • The Plugin has been installed correctly

Nothing particularly complicated, right? Now, the Clou moment of our post has arrived, where we will show the whole procedure to definitively eliminate that annoying and cumbersome DRM Protection present on the ebook.

Download link: DRM plugin

How to delete DRM Protection

Most of the work has now been done, we just have to load our ebooks from the pc on the software caliber in such a way that it can process them and permanently eliminate DRM protection. To perform this simple operation you have to (on all e-readers except Kindle):

  • Start the Caliber software
  • Drag in its main screen all the ebooks containing the DRM
  • Or you can add a book using the “Add Books” function
  • Once the books have been inserted, the software will eliminate the protection automatically

This procedure is applicable to most e-readers except the Kindle which provides a somewhat different process to eliminate security. The process to be used for Kindle products is as follows:

  • Launch the caliber software
  • Return again in the preferences
  • Select the Advanced item
  • Click on the Plugin entry
  • Double Click on Plug-in file type
  • The DeDRM Plugin will be displayed
  • Select the eInk Kindle ebooks entry
  • In the new window click on the green button
  • A new dialog will appear in which to enter the serial number of the Kindle
  • Click on Close and then on OK
  • Finally return to the main caliber screen and click Apply in the upper right

After executing the previous procedure to the letter, now you only need to drag the ebook into the caliber window and the protection will be automatically deleted. So we will also have the opportunity to read ebooks related to the Kindle.

Convert Ebook and Perform a Test

Now, after seeing the various processes to eliminate DRM protection from ebooks for various devices and for Kindle, we just have to convert our ebook and perform a test to see if the protection has really been deleted. The advice we give you is to convert the ebook in PDF format so you can also open it from PC and verify the correct removal.

To convert the file and run the test:

  • Open the ebook with caliber
  • Click with the right mouse button on the book title
  • Select Convert Books -> Convert Individually.
  • A new window will open with lots of conversion options
  • Choose PDF as the output format
  • Click on the Ok button located at the bottom
  • We wait a few seconds for the conversion process to be completed
  • Thus we will get our ebook in PDF format
  • Check the removal of the DRM protection on your PC or on your e-reader

Following to the letter all the procedures indicated in this post, you can easily get ebook without protections and browsable on any type of e-reader.