The files in ODS format (Open Document SpreadSheet) are nothing more than simple spreadsheets born as alternatives to classic spreadsheets (in XLSX and XLS format for excel) that can only be managed with Microsoft suites. This type of format is also manageable with free software like LibreOffice and OpenOffice that perform almost all the functions of the classic Microsoft Office.

And if by chance we were going to manage these files directly online without installing any type of program? Are there any free web resources that allow the management and conversion of ODS files? The juice of today’s content is about the conversion of this sort of file, so if you are interested in the topic, below you will find a series of complete information on the best 4 sites to convert ODS files to Excel directly online.

After providing some basic information on today’s article, we are ready to show you how these 4 excellent free resources work.

Content index:

Bear File Converter

The first resource on today’s list is called Bear File Converter and is a complete website that allows you to easily convert any ODS file into Excel. The tool offers the possibility to simultaneously load multiple ODS files (up to 50 MB) which will be converted one by one so as not to have any data loss.

Output files can be manually downloaded one by one, but there is the possibility to download them all at the same time using the “Download All” function. Once the files are converted, we have the opportunity to delete them from the site and if we forget to delete them, the site will automatically delete them within two hours.

CloudConvert ODS To Excel

CloudConvert ODS To Excel is another finger created specifically to manage and convert ODS format files to Excel. To be able to use the resource you must create a free account to activate the service, after which we have the ability to upload 5 files at the same time and convert them but all this for a limited period of time (about 20 minutes). Files can be uploaded either from PC or even from services like Google Drive, DropBox and One Drive.

Again you can choose to convert and save files all together or manage conversions separately. If, on the other hand, you decide to upgrade your account, you will be able to upload a large number of documents in ODS format for a maximum size of 1 GB and of course there will no longer be any time limitation.


Zamzar is one of the best free online converters and in our case it also allows the conversion of ODS files to XLS or XLSX. The free version (no registration required) allows you to simultaneously load 5 input files up to a maximum of 50 MB and offers the possibility of choosing the final format.

Compared to other tools created for the same purpose, once the file is converted, zamzar provides no download link, but you must enter your email address to which the converted file will be sent. The final file can be downloaded from the email within 24 hours, after which the tool will automatically delete the conversion.


The last online web resource to be used for converting ODS files to Excel is DocsPal. This is a fairly complete conversion tool that allows you to simultaneously upload 5 files to convert (maximum size 50 MB) and choose the output format (XLS XLSX). Once the files have been converted, you can either download them in a single ZIP file or download them one at a time.

Recall that you can receive conversions via email or wait a few seconds to get direct links to downloads, to do this you have 5 days, the time necessary before the site definitively cancels the conversions made.