5 WebSites to Convert GIF to PDF Online and Free

In today’s post we want to present the best 5 sites to convert GIF to PDF online in a completely free way without using special programs to install and configure on your PC.

These resources, which we will list and describe in detail later, essentially allow you to load a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and get a single PDF file after conversion, containing all the frames in the original GIF.

The tools of the article are very simple and intuitive, so they can be used by all users, even those who have little experience in the field of conversion.

But now let’s get to know the complete procedures to convert in a few simple steps our GIFs into PDF files to keep and use when you need them.

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Ezgif.com GIF to PDF Converter

Ezgif.com is the first site that we analyze and essentially it is a very complete tool that allows an easy and fast conversion of GIF files to PDF. Before starting the real conversion process, you have to reach the site via the link provided a little higher and then you have to perform the following summary:

  • Select the GIF file to be converted from the PC
  • Choosing the image just click on Upload
  • To convert, use the Convert to PDF button
  • The converted file will appear in the PDF Output Box
  • Click on the new file to view and download it

Online Converter

Another excellent and complete alternative to convert GIF files to PDF is the Online Converter that provides a complete set of tools to perform any type of conversion, even if we are more interested in the management of GIFs.

What you need to do to make the conversion with this tool is summarized in the few steps listed below:

  • Reach the service home page
  • Choose the source of the File (PC or URL)
  • Click on Browse to upload our GIF
  • Click on Convert to get the PDF file
  • We wait a few seconds for the conversion
  • Save the file in the new format


Another resource that becomes part of our post is PDFConvertOnline.com and is a service completely dedicated to the conversion and management of files in PDF format. This is a very simple and effective site, just think that conversions occur instantly with a click simply. Now let’s see how to move within the service:

  • Visit the service page to convert GIF to PDF
  • Load the GIF using the Browse button
  • Click Convert Now to start the conversion process
  • The file to be downloaded will appear on the new page
  • Click on the link of the file to view and save the PDF

Convertio GIF to PDF Converter

Convertio GIF to PDF Converter perhaps among all the sites in the post is the best but also the most complete because it allows you to simultaneously convert two GIF files into a single PDF file. How does this excellent resource work?

  • Reach the site of the service
  • Choose where to upload the GIF (PC, google drive, dropbox or URL)
  • Uploaded the photo now you have to click on Convert
  • Finally you can choose whether to reduce the file size or download the newly converted file


The last tool we’re going to describe at the end of the post is ConvertImage. Essentially it offers the same characteristics of the “colleagues” mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Its basic functionality is to convert any file in GIF format to PDF and keep the new file for a maximum period of 15 minutes. To convert our files you must:

  • Visit the homepage of the site
  • Choose the Output format (in our case PDF)
  • Load the GIF using the Select Your Image function
  • Accept the Terms of Use
  • Click on Convert This Image
  • Download the PDF on your PC or share it directly on Facebook

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