How to remove from MacOS and OSX Safari?

The Mac Safari homepage is and you can not remove it in any way? Do you want to change the SearchPage page by entering Google but you can not? Whenever you open Safari, appears and your browser settings are blocked? I’m sorry to say that your Mac has been infected with a fairly annoying virus but that we can eradicate it in just a few minutes. Let’s see together how to remove from Mac Safari in a few moments and definitely.

Very often browsing the web there are advertising messages that invite us to optimize the Mac, delete suspicious files or make it faster by downloading free and miraculous applications: in all cases, it is always malicious applications, often viruses, which do nothing else that fill our web browsing of advertising and create different problems.

One of the many problems encountered is precisely as the initial page of Safari Mac and the inability to set another homepage like Google, Free or other sites because the Safari settings are blocked and we can not apply changes.

In this regard, prompted by an e-mail request for help received from a reader, I have prepared a quick guide in which I explain how to uninstall SearchPage from the Mac, and enable Safari to set any home page of our choice.

Remove SearchPage from Mac permanently: how to do?

As I said, if you try to delete by changing the Safari start page in the traditional way from your browser settings, you will find various settings locked and you will not be able to make any changes. Of course, browsing with is really inconvenient because you are often redirected to other advertising pages, pop up windows appear and navigation becomes quite annoying.

In this regard, to permanently remove from Mac Safari and reset the homepage you want, we must delete a system profile that has been installed and prevent us from customizing the browser as we wish.

How to delete SearchPage from the Mac?

To delete from your Mac then make sure you use your computer with the system administrator account, then open System Preferences and tap the Profiles icon as shown in the image below:

At this point, a window will show you all the configuration profiles installed on your Mac and will appear in the Profiles tab on the left: to uninstall from Safari, select the Safari Set Homepage profile and click on the “-” sign that appears below the list to remove the profile and unlock the custom browser configuration. Click Remove/Confirm when macOS will ask if you are sure to delete this profile.

If you have never installed configuration profiles for special situations on your Mac, I suggest you select and delete all the profiles that appear in the list so that other viruses, adware or malware can not create problems while browsing or risk your sensitive data.

Safari homepage problem: how to delete

After completing this step, just open Safari, click on the menu  on the top left and choose Preferences to access the settings of the browser where you can set the homepage to show when you open the program. But even before that, I suggest you perform two more steps.

Eliminate SearchPage virus in depth

Download the free application for Mac called App Cleaner and install it in your computer: it will help you to permanently delete the useless applications, until the last remaining file. At this point open the new software installed and explore the Applications folder looking for any programs you do not know or have titles easily linked to improving the performance of the Mac or as an antivirus (Mac Defense, Mac Defender, Speed your Mac, Mac Boost, Mac Keeper, etc …) then drag the icon into the App Cleaner application. In a few moments the app will find all the files related to the program you want to delete: put the check in the box on the left for all the files that appear in the list and click on Remove, confirm if you are asked to delete the files.

Finally, before concluding the procedure to delete from the Mac and unlock the Safari preferences, I suggest you to download and install Malwarebytes, one of the most famous antivirus for Mac and Windows used all over the world. Go to the official website and download the free version of the program, then install it, close all open apps and start it.

After launching the antivirus, we look for any malware that can prevent you to remove from Mac Safari, then click Scan Now: at the end of the scan, select any dangerous files detected by the antivirus and delete them.

To complete the cancellation of SearchPage, you just have to restart the Mac.

If all went well, following the instructions provided in this guide, you were able to remove from your Mac and finally you can set the preferred start page in Safari as the settings will be without the lock and completely unlocked.

You just have to save this guide in your favorites or share it on social networks as it could also be useful to your friends who own a Mac infected by and do not know how to solve the problem.

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