Recovering data from a hard drive or SSD drive can be relatively easy, but how do we put it if it’s a CD or a DVD?

Unfortunately, often a small scratch can suffice to prevent the correct reading of the data and, consequently, of the entire disk. The most common error is due to the cyclic redundancy check (CRC), but there are also cases in which the CD or DVD are apparently recognized but end up blocking the entire system.

Unlike a mechanical disk or an SSD, which “circumscribes” the damaged data without compromising the integrity of the remaining data, since CDs and DVDs are read-only media, the operating system can not intervene by reconstructing the indexes or “circumscribing” the zone, with the result that due to a few damaged bytes the whole disk may be unreadable.

In these cases it may be useful to have a program that can recover damaged CD or DVD in a few clicks: in this guide you will find what, in our opinion, is the most efficient for Windows!

Recover damaged CD – DVD data

Before continuing: the program in question can recover data from damaged CD or DVD in most cases, however parts of files corresponding to physical damage may not be readable.

To recover data from damaged CD or DVD, we chose to use the CD Recovery Toolbox utility, completely free and downloadable from the link below.

DOWNLOAD | CD Recovery Toolbox

Once you have downloaded and installed the program, using it is really simple. It is possible to recover damaged CDs or DVDs of audio, data, video and other types.

We open the program, insert the problematic disk in the reader and wait for it to be recognized. At this point we choose the folder in which to save the recovered files and we go ahead: the recovery procedure will start.

We will just have to do is wait for data recovery and, when requested, end the program. We just have to catapult ourselves into the folder and … enjoy the result!


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