Report hacks and cheats in GTA Online to RockStar

Rockstar Games’ GTA V has a famous online mode known as GTA Online. In the open world of the fictional state of San Andreas, players can either explore the region or participate in cooperative and competitive missions. In this version of the game, hacks or cheat codes are not allowed. See how to report.

GTA Online

What has Rockstar done to prevent cheaters?

The development team already makes periodic routine checks for changes in the game’s code as well as its origin, that is, who implemented the unauthorized change. That way, Rockstar claims it can separate the cheaters from the real players.

In addition to this detection done automatically, by the game’s own system, a manual scan is also done in search of evidence of cheats and hacks.

How to report a cheater in GTA Online?

If you suspect a player using cheating, you can report it using the in-game menu. Upon receiving the complaint (and the more details it can offer the better), Rockstar claims to be able to further analyze the data received and act according to the seriousness of the situation.

To report a player using cheat do the following:

  1. Pause the game. Then, go to the “GTA Online” tab;
  2. Choose the “Players” option and then select the name of who is using cheating;
  3. Click on “Report” and choose the reason in the “Game Exploration” category.

Rockstar did not make it clear, on its support page, what the average deadline for its report to be seen or even if any type of response is given to those who reported it. You really have to wait.

What other reports can I make?

It is also possible to report toxic players, harassers or anyone who is bullying. The location for making this type of report varies depending on the platform you are playing on. Learn more in the article below: