Recover/Reset Password Windows 10, 8, and 7: Easiest and fastest way

Do you need to recover your Windows 10, 8, and 7 password? Do you need to delete the Windows 10, 8, and 7 password? Did you forget Windows 10, 8, and 7? Here’s how to solve

Remove Windows password 10, 8, and 7

Losing or forgetting your Windows login password can truly be one of those nightmares that turn into reality.

Without a password, in fact, you are locked out of your computer, with all the data inside that becomes inaccessible. It’s a bit like losing the key to a safe that contains all your money, documents and important memories and can not be more open. It’s probably one of the worst things that can happen with regards to your digital life.

And unfortunately this does not happen so rarely as one might imagine, but it happens more and more often, too often. In fact there are many users who write to me via email and ask for support to recover the Windows password,  or maybe to reset the Windows password or to perform similar operations, so you can get back in your computer and access all the files again stored inside it.

I forgot my PC password

If you have forgotten your Windows password and you absolutely need to reset or recover your Windows password, today is your lucky day. Below I explain you how:

  • remove Windows 8 password
  • remove Windows 7 password
  • remove Windows 10 password
  • delete Windows 8 password
  • delete Windows 7 password
  • delete Windows 10 password
  • reset Windows 8 password
  • reset Windows 7 password
  • reset Windows 10 password

Forgotten password Windows: what to do?

If you are in one of the unfortunate cases just listed, do not despair. In fact, there is a very powerful program that allows you to get back your Windows PC in a simple enough immediate way.

The program is called PCUnlocker and, as anticipated, allows you to restore and recover the password of any version of Windows. 

All you need to take advantage of this program will be:

  • another Windows PC
  • a blank CD or USB stick
  • obviously the PCUnlocker program

In all this, usually the most difficult part of the guide is the one in which you go looking for another Windows PC to use, everything else is simple and automatic.

But let’s not waste time and immediately start the guide to recover and reset the Windows password. 

The first thing to do is download the PCUnlocker program from

The program is not free, but I think $20 to recover the password of your Windows PC (and all the documents inside it) is a reasonable price.

Once you have downloaded and purchased the program, you will get a .ZIP file on your PC desktop.

At this point you have to extract the .ZIP file and you will find an .ISO file inside it.

Now you will have to choose whether to burn this ISO file to CD or copy it to a USB stick. In both cases, to do this, I recommend using the ISO2Disc app, which is free and will do everything automatically. You only have to choose whether to use the CD solution or the key.

Now that you have obtained the CD or the key with the ISO file correctly written in them, you must move to the locked PC, the one in which you want to recover or reset the Windows password. 

If you have chosen the key solution, insert it in the USB port. If you have chosen the CD solution, insert the CD after turning on the computer.

At this point, IMMEDIATELY AFTER turning on the computer, you must access the BIOS in order to start the key/CD before the locked Windows operating system.

Unfortunately, the procedure to access the BIOS changes from computer to computer, but IN GENERAL the way forward is this:

  • turn on the PC normally
  • immediately afterwards a screen appears with some writing at the top and bottom
  • Depending on the manufacturer of the PC or internal components, always up or down you will be instructed to press the ESC/F9/F8/F12/F11 keys (they are alternatives) on the keyboard to access the BIOS. Try to quickly read the writings that appear in order to understand which keys you need to press to access the BIOS on your computer. In principle, however, the keys to press are those that I have indicated, then at worst you can try them all until you find what works

Now that you are able to enter the BIOS, you have to go to the menu that regulates the system startup and choose to start PCUnlocker first, that is the CD or the key.

This was the most “cumbersome” part of the guide due to the fact that each computer has a different BIOS. In case of need, however, take a ride on YouTube and you will find many videos that explain how to enter the Windows BIOS and how to change the order of startup of the operating system.

Once you’ve managed to start PCUnlocker, things will get a lot easier.

Bypass Windows password with PCUnlocker

When the PC starts up, the PCUnlocker window will appear, showing a list of all users who have an account on that PC.

Click on the user for whom you want to reset the Windows password and click on Reset Password.

It is really very simple.

At this point type in a new password (or leave it blank to remove the Windows password) and proceed.

NOTE:  If the account you selected was linked to a Microsoft online account, the program will automatically transform that account into a local one.

Restart your PC and you have concluded!

As if by magic, when you restart your PC you can log in and log in to your user account without any problem and without any difficulty.

As you can see, removing Windows passwords is not difficult or complex at all. Just the right guide and the right program, and in a few clicks you can delete Windows password if you have forgotten it.

This article is everything for this article. If you have any doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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