A few days ago, the bitten apple media center is creating some problems for you, so now you are looking for a guide to explain specifically how to reset Apple TV. We at Teknologya have decided to publish a tutorial about this to show you all the steps to follow.

How to reset third-generation Apple TV or earlier models

If you were in the possession of third generation or a predecessor of the media center of Apple, you can proceed with the recovery in a simple way. Using the supplied remote control, access the Settings and then choose Restore from the General menu.

At this point, you can choose Restore settings to restore all settings, accounts and configurations by omitting the data or simply Reset to bring the Apple TV to factory settings and install the latest available software updates. To take advantage of this last option, however, it is necessary to connect to the Internet following the guided procedure. Be careful not to disconnect the Apple TV from the power outlet during the recovery procedure.

If your intention, instead, is to restore the device that does not start after performing a software update, then you can use iTunes. Please note, however, that this procedure can only be implemented on the fourth generation Apple TV or previous model, so it is not valid for the 4K version. In the latter case, you will need to contact Apple support directly by taking the last chapter of this guide as a reference.

That said, you need a Windows or Mac PC with iTunes on board, a fairly fast Internet connection and a USB Type-C cable for the fourth-generation Apple TV or a micro USB cable for the third generation or earlier models. After that, carefully follow the steps listed below:

  • Disconnect the HDMI cable and the power cable from the media center of the bitten apple and then start iTunes on the Windows or Mac computer. At this stage, make sure you have the latest version of Apple’s management software.
  • In the next step, connect the USB-C or micro USB connector to the appropriate port on your Apple TV and the USB Type-A connector to one of the USB ports available on your Desktop PC or notebook.
  • After that, if you have a third or fourth generation Apple TV, connect it to the power supply and, if you have the second generation, leave it disconnected.
  • At this point, the Media Center Summary page should appear in iTunes. Otherwise, click on the Apple TV cone in the top left to access the above screen.
  • To proceed with restoring the Apple TV, click on the Restore Apple TV button … and wait for the process to finish. Of course, do not disconnect anything during the operation.
  • Once completed, remove the USB Type-C or micro USB cable and the power cable (if connected) and then connect the HDMI cable and the power cable to the Apple TV and start it.

How to reset 4th generation Apple TV or 4K

If you were in possession of the fourth generation or the 4K model, you can proceed with the restoration in a way that is almost identical to what was seen for the third generation and previous models. However, the function Restore is present in the menu system of settings.

From here, choose Restore to restore the Apple TV to factory settings (option that requires no internet connection) or Initialize and update to bring the media center back to the initial conditions and install the latest software updates (in this case a Internet connection). Obviously, you must keep the Apple TV connected to the power supply until the restoration procedure is completed.

What to do in case of problems

In case of doubts or problems with your device, you can contact the customer service of the Californian company.


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