Have you accidentally zoomed in on Chrome or Safari and can not reset the standard size of the browser? Are you trying various commands and keyboard combinations to reset your browser on Mac and PC but you can not? Just two buttons are enough to reset this setting and navigate with your computer with the right view!

How to reset zoom on Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Most likely while using the computer to surf the internet with your favorite browser, you accidentally hit an unusual keystroke, made a gesture too much on the mousepad or clicked on some hidden function that randomly enlarged or shrunk the entire web page by creating not a few difficulties during reading and browsing: if you find yourself in this situation, surely you have activated the zoom and I’ll explain in this guide how to reset the browser zoom on Mac and PC.

Especially those who have a Mac with trackpad or a notebook that supports multitouch gestures, easily find this problem because just place two fingers on the trackpad and bring them closer or apart at the same time to zoom in or zoom out; by zooming in on Chrome, Safari or Firefox, the setting is stored by the browser and reused every time we visit that particular website and try to reset it manually very often creates different difficulties.

So let’s see how to reset the zoom of Chrome, Safari and Firefox using two keyboard shortcuts very simple and working in most cases:

On Mac

If you have a Mac computer running MacOS or OS X the procedure, then the keyboard shortcut, to use is the same: in fact, while you are visiting the web page where you want to reset the zoom applied previously, you just press on the keyboard the following combination of keys: CMD + 0 (zero); if you hold down the Command key first and then the zero key at the top of the keyboard, you will immediately reset the zoom to Chrome, Safari, Firefox or any other browser you are using.

On Windows PC

For those who instead use a Windows PC, the combination to be performed is not so different, in fact the CMD key should be replaced with Ctrl, then to reset the zoom of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other known browser, you simply hold down Ctrl and then the 0 (zero) key. According to some user reports, for some it is sufficient to press the zero key above the letters of the keyboard, for others the reset of the browser zoom works only if you press the zero key on the numeric keypad. In summary, the shortcut is Ctrl + 0.

If you know other ways to reset the zoom to the default settings or if the steps in this guide can not solve the problem on your computer, write an email using the contact page or leave a comment in the box below.


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