How to restart the video card graphics driver

A typical error that can happen on Windows PCs is that in which the screen is nailed and the images are blocked even with a black screen and with the mouse and keyboard that no longer respond.Usually, this situation indicates a problem with the video memory or the graphics driver and usually resolves automatically.As I think it happens to everyone at least once, the blocking of the PC screen leads to a freeze and a subsequent shutdown of the screen for a second, then come back recharged and reset.

However, if there are problems or sudden screen blocks that do not resolve themselves, you need to know how to restore the video card graphics driver, which in Windows 10 it can be executed quickly using a simple combination of keys.

If you want to reset and restart the video card driver in Windows 10 and also in Windows 8 you can simultaneously press the Windows + Ctrl + Shift + B keys on your keyboard.After pressing these keys you will see the screen flicker and turn black for a second, then return active in less than a second.All programs remain open and you will not lose any of your work.

This is the easiest way to restart the graphics driver without needing an administrator account and works well with NVIDIA, AMD and Intel graphics drivers.There is no guarantee that this will fix a system lock, however, if the computer has crashed due to a problem with the graphics drivers, this link could solve it.This shortcut can solve blocks that occur while playing games, but it can also recover from blocks that occur while using the PC normally.

Obviously, if the problem of the video blocking occurs often, it may be that the graphics driver is damaged.You will then be able to reinstall the video card driver or update it to the latest version.Please note that older versions of video drivers may be incompatible with the latest update of Windows 10 and, for this, give many problems.

You can then uninstall the current video driver by opening the Device Manager tool, by searching for it in the Control Panel.From Device Manager, find the Video Cards section and uninstall the current one by right-clicking on it and choosing Uninstall.When the computer restarts, Windows should automatically install the required driver using the Windows Update system.

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