Save all old tweets posted on Twitter to keep them forever

You can easily download all the old tweets posted on Twitter to keep them forever even if we decide to close our account.

It may happen that you want to leave Twitter, perhaps because you are tired of the usual offensive comments. One of the biggest criticisms of this platform is that of not being able to put an efficient block on those who use it negatively. Before canceling our account on the microblogging platform, we can save all the history of our tweets, maybe to keep some memories or because you never know, one day they could even come back to us.

Perhaps many do not know it, but Twitter comes to our aid because it has the function it does for us and we do not have to resort to other programs. After logging in, click on the image of our profile at the top right and select Settings.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and in the Contents section click on the Request your archive button. A small window will then open and notify us that our request has been received. We click on Close and wait calmly.

After some time, they can spend minutes or even hours, we will receive from Twitter an email to the email address indicated in our account that will inform us that our archive is ready. To download it to our computer, click on the Download Now button. A browser page will open, displaying the Download button. Clicking on it will start the download.

The archive of all our posts is in a zip file. We must therefore decompress it in a folder on our computer. Inside we will find a series of files and folders. To consult all our old tweets we will have to double-click on the index.html file.