Convert an ebook to pdf read it easily on any device

It may happen that you have downloaded an ebook and want to convert it to pdf to read it easily on any device. In fact, pdf documents are universally supported by all devices, while ebooks can usually be viewed only by installing specific software.

To complicate life then there is the fact that there is not a single format for ebooks: the books in electronic format can be found in the formats epub, azw3, mobi, prc, cbz, cbr, and others.

To convert a PDF ebook we can use the excellent free Calibre program, which offers a complete functionality kit for managing your digital library. It is also compatible with every operating system: it can therefore be installed on Windows, Mac and even Linux.

To download it we must go to and click on Download Calibre. From the next window we will only have to select our operating system to access the download link. During the installation procedure we will be asked to choose the language and the folder in which our books will be saved.

Convert an ebook to pdf

After starting Calibre, we can finally convert our ebook to pdf. To do this we must first import our ebook by clicking on the Add Books button in the toolbar at the top left.

Then select the book and click on the Convert Books button. A new window opens from which we can set the parameters for conversion. For example, we can modify metadata and the setting for displaying pages. From the drop-down menu Output formats select the pdf and press OK to start the conversion.

We will find the converted book in the folder we set up when Calibre was installed. If we have not modified it, the default one is Calibre Library in Documents.

With Caliber we can also view any ebook format and convert pdf to ebook.