Find and delete duplicate photos from phone and PCs

Here’s how to quickly find all the duplicate images on our smartphone and on your computer to eliminate them and recover valuable space.

If we use a lot of WhatsApp and Facebook, then there are so many chances that over time we will find the library of our mobile phone full of duplicate photos that take up space unnecessarily. By deleting them we will be able to recover precious memory to be dedicated to new images or to the installation of other applications.

To easily find and delete double photos on an iPhone we can use the Power Clean app. This application offers a series of tools including the ability to analyze all the images saved on our mobile and find the similar ones so you can delete them.

Just go first to the Clean tab and tap the Images button. The application will then scan the memory of our iPhone. By tapping the Check button next to the Similar photos option we will be able to view and delete double images. Power Clean also integrates other features such as the ability to speed up the phone by freeing up RAM and recovering space by clearing the cache of the app.

If instead we have an Android phone we can use the Duplicate Files Fixer application. Once started, select the Scan Images option and touch the Scan Now button.

At the end of the scan we will show you the double images found. Just tap the Delete button to delete them. This application can also be used to find duplicates of audio files, videos and documents. Duplicate Files Fixer also allows you to scan hidden files and folders: to enable this option just go to Settings and check the item Include hidden files and folders.

To finally find the duplicate picture on the pc we can believe in the free program Anti-Twin ( Once started, select in Folder Base the folder in which all our photos are contained. To search for the same images regardless of their name, we check the Compare contents option and select Compare images. At this point we click on the button Search similar images to start scanning the folder.

Since the control is done on the content and not on the name of the photos, the scan may also take some time: it will depend on the number of files to check. At the end of the scan we will then be shown the duplicate files found. We just have to select them and click on Delete selected files.

A window will ask us what to do with the selected files. We can choose to move the files to the trash or to delete them directly. For safety select Send files to the trash and confirm by clicking on the Yes button in the trash.